Picture of Jack Skellington Pumpkin Carving
How to make Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas out of Funkins ( Artificial Pumpkin Carving) and without a Pumpkin light!

Step 1: The funkins

Picture of The funkins
I picked white Pumpkin cause of Jack Skellington and I freehand his face on to the pumpkin cause it looked pretty easy to do.

Step 2: The cut

Picture of The cut
I used a Hot Knife to cut out the face.

Step 3: The Teeths of Jack

Picture of The Teeths of Jack
I used hot glue gun to add the teeth.

Step 4: Painting to stand out

Picture of Painting to stand out
First. I Spray Paint Black inside of the Pumpkin Second. I spray painted the outer side with white 3rd. Paintbrush the Teeth. ( don't Need a Pumpkin light for this looks more creepy like this)

Step 5: My Pumpkin as JACK THE PIRATE

Picture of My Pumpkin as JACK THE PIRATE
This was not a part of the Instructables Just ways you could put Your Jack skellington Pumpkin as a Sandy Claws or a Pirate.
Love this pumpkin. Looks just like Jack!!
Wow!!!! I just love it! Great job Luis!
Luis Linares (author)  aromadesserts1 year ago
Thank you so much!
Luis Linares (author)  aromadesserts1 year ago
Thank you so much!
Luis Linares (author)  aromadesserts1 year ago
Thank you so much!
p_palomin1 year ago
Luis Linares (author)  p_palomin1 year ago
Luis Linares (author)  p_palomin1 year ago
Roceifin1 year ago
congrats on the feature!
Luis Linares (author)  Roceifin1 year ago
Ernext1 year ago
woow, this is a REALLY cool work
Luis Linares (author)  Ernext1 year ago
irishchaos1 year ago
What are the teeth made of?
Luis Linares (author)  irishchaos1 year ago
Teeth is the left over from the carving the funkins from the eyes and mouth I use those pcs, for jack teeth.