Picture of Jack Skellington Pumpkin
halloween face.jpg

Can you believe I'd never carved a pumpkin before?

As a child, in the North of England, we used to carve turnip (swede) lanterns, but this is my first pumpkin.

I downloaded an image of Jack Skellington's face, tweaked it in PhotoShop Elements to need less ink, and printed it to a size to match the pumpkin.

I hollowed out the pumpkin, fixed the template on with masking tape, and pricked through with a small sharp knife, and then carved the pattern out with a skinny little saw we got in a pumpkin carving kit from a local "cheap shop".

Two lit tea-lights, and there you go - a welcoming sign for tomorrow's Trick or Treaters.
Redwolf11252 years ago
lizzyastro3 years ago
Nicely done Kitewife.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Love it!
Kiteman3 years ago