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I wanted to dress up as Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas for Dragon Con '07. However, it is impossible to make a good Jack costume because his proportions are so drastically different from me and (hopefully) you. So, instead of a traditional costume, I built a nine-foot-tall mobile puppet that I could control from behind. The head is mostly paper mache reinforced with spray foam. The skeleton is PVC pipe. The suit was custom tailored by myself with the pin-stripes added with fabric paint. The hands are wood with copper wire knuckles for poseability. The harness I'm wearing is motocross armor that connects to Jack via a square aluminum pipe. Braced aluminum bars attach my shoes to his so he can walk. I'd love to make an instructable from this, but, alas, my documenting skills weren't great back then.

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What'd you use for the feet?

i wish there were more pic of the feet lol

Omg I want him so bad

What were the elbow, shoulder, hip, and knee joints made from?

The elbows, hips, and shoulders were all connected by drilling two holes into the pipe and running a piece of cord through them. I needed to the knees and the ankles to only bend on on one axis so I ran bolts though the ends of the pipe and connected them with a small piece of aluminum on either side. Looking back on it now, I probably only needed to do that with the ankles.


Im going to replicate this for halloween could you list the proportions for me? Thanks so much.