So this is my take on Jack and Sally from nightmare before Christmas. I wanted Sally's dress to be more brighter than in the movie. After looking on the internet for costumes I couldn't find any I liked so I made them. In reality it would have been much easier to just buy them, as I was making these for nearly 3 months. In total there is about 30 hours of sewing time and about the same in painting.

What you will need
For Jack
Black dress pants
black suit jacket
masking tape
white fabric paint
small paint brush
1 meter thin wire
1/2 meter black fabric
1/2 meter thick elastic(black)
white t-shirt
white gloves
large plastic ball
black netting

for sally
1 meter purple, blue, black, yellow and orange fabric.
The colours don't need to be a perfect and in the movie they are much more darker, so just use whatever you can find
thick black wool
black fabric paint
brown boots
red wool wig
white stockings
white long gloves

Step 1: The Pants and Jacket

Use a plain black suit that you no longer need, or find one at a 2ndhand shop and use 15mm thick masking tape and tape off half a leg at a time leaving about 1/2cm stripe in between each piece of tape. You will then need to start painting the stripes and each stripe will need to be painted at least twice. This step alone takes a long time as you have to let one side dry before you can do the other side but keep going until all sides are done.

Before painting the jacket it needs to be altered so that the bottom of the jacket at the front comes up much higher and in a rounded shape. I cut it so there was only 2 buttons left on the jacket(it was a 4 button jacket) To make the tails at the back I first measured how long they had to be(roughly to end halfway down the calf) and drew banana like shapes onto some black fabric. I then cut out two pieces of fabric for each shape turned them inside out and sewed all the pieces together. They then need to be sewn on to the back of the jacket. It then has to be painted in stripes just like the pants. It’s a lot harder on the jacket and I would suggest you get someone to wear it when you paint the shoulders.
<p>I totally did something similar (well, I convinced my mom to, anyways). I love that you used wool for the stitches. We just used black yarn (and some quadrupled thread when the yarn was too tough to pull through the fabric). http://www.quirkychrissy.com/2012/10/31/halloween-diy-sally-costume/</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing! Awesome!</p>
This is awesome.
<br> cool! Congratulations!
Awsome costumes! I want to be Sally one of these Halloweens!

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