An inexpensive way to dress up your driveway for Halloween. This first photo's a bit blurry due to the long exposure. Night shot with no flash or tripod.

Step 1: Materials

Get a bunch of plastic trick-or-treat buckets. Turns out they're about the same height as most low-voltage driveway lights.

Step 2: Modification

Cut a hole in the bottom on each bucket. These things are usually so flimsy that a sturdy pair of scissors will slice right through them. It doesn't have to be perfect; no one will see it. I cut a semicircle so that the bucket would still hold its shape.

Step 3: Assembly

Shove the bucket over the driveway light. Two photos here: with and without a flash. Sure you could go through the trouble of getting the cap of the light to fit the bucket exactly but it really doesn't make that much difference.
this is a simple, yet effective project. well done!
Clever, easy <em>and</em> inexpensive. I like it. Can also be adapted to many styles of lights.<br/>
I think it would look a bit better if you lift them a little bit to hide the actual lamp post. Nice and easy idea although.
or couldn't you just push the lamps down further into the ground?

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