Picture of Jackal v2
update 005.JPG
Assault Pistol 004.JPG
Assault Pistol 005.JPG
Well, this is my second attempt at an assault pistol. It kinda looks like a combo of shadowninja/IAC AP. This one uses removable mags. Shoots green rods


- true trigger
- removable mags (expandable)
-30-40 foot range
- looks tight
- you can also muzzle load this gun if you run out of mag ammo or want to shoot larger rods.


- looks like shadowninja's AP and teh SPIFF combined.

Credit goes to s0lekill3r for the base design (The old version used his removable mag, but i made a new system after experiencing problems with his system).


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Step 1: Build these misc. parts

Picture of Build these misc. parts
These are just parts. Image notes will give you a description of each part and its function. Set them aside for later.

Step 2: Handle

Picture of Handle
instructions 003.JPG
instructions 004.JPG
This is the AP handle. Build it.

1. The 2 frames, one has all orange connectors, blue rods, and spacers on it.

2. the complete handle.

3. Add 2 of the misc. parts from step 1 to the handle.

Step 3: Trigger

Picture of Trigger
instructions 006.JPG
This is the true trigger.

Picture 1- build it

Picture 2- add to handle

Step 4: Barrel/Mag area

Picture of Barrel/Mag area
instructions 002.JPG
instructions 003.JPG
This is 3 pictures. Sorry that I couldnt be more detailed, but i didnt have a lot of time to take pics.

1- side view

2- looking at it from the bottom

3- add the mag holder you made in step 1

Step 5: Magazine

Picture of Magazine
instructions 008.JPG
instructions 009.JPG
This is the magazine.

Picture 1- mag pusher

Picture 2- mag pusher holder/lock for when mag is inserted.

Picture 3- top part of mag.

Step 6: Final assembly

Picture of Final assembly
instructions 005.JPG
Connect the barrel to the handle

1- connect barrel to handle

2- put the last part you made in step 1 on the gun.

Step 7: Loading and firing

Picture of loading and firing
instructions 007.JPG
instructions 008.JPG
Picture 1- make the firing pin

Picture 2- Rubberbands for trigger and pin

picture 3- mag insertion

Have fun!

Step 8: Troubleshooting

Q- mag falls out and ammo spills throughout the internals
a1- you put the mag in wrong
a2- you built the mag wrong
a3- your y connector may be faulty

Q- ram gets stuck over the ammo
a- twist the ram somewhat.

Q- ammo does not go over 10 feet
a- this is a common problem. it has to do with the ammo under the current round.