You're not doing me a favor by building this gun.  I'm doing you a favor by giving you instructions for it.

Quick stats:
Range- 45-50 feet with 2 bands
Reload time- 5 seconds
Mag capacity- 8 oodammo rounds.
Very comfy
Very reliable.


Step 1: Outer panels.

Make 2 of this.  Put blue rods on one of them, set the other one aside for later.
Time to celebrate:
<p>I need help with the ammo part, I cant understand the lics</p>
Super cool gun bro.<br><br>Anyways, I realise why people don't seem fond of you, but don't feel put off by that. Would you rather live in a world of Knexers who build great guns after criticism, or would you rather live in one where everyone is overpraising everyone in a world of happy smiley faces?<br><br>I pick the former, and I think most Knexers here would too.
I do as well. Indubitably so.
The former is the community I came from, and the latter is the one it degenerated to. It's one of the main reasons we are having a lack of stuff that isn't generic.
I built and moded epicly 25 round mag full stock and acog scope
Is the E-tape necessary?<br />
Yes.<br />
Ok. Any particular reason?<br />
The same reason you would put tape on a firing pin.<br />
Yeah, I found that out.<br />
&nbsp;but i dont need tape on a firing pin, is it possible to just wrap a few bands around?
It will still break.&nbsp; You do need tape.<br />
u dont on the ram<br /> <br /> i put 2 yellow connectors then a small wheel<br /> which i wrapped bands round<br /> works good<br /> <br /> when i didnt put bands on i broke two orange connectors :(<br />
LOL i didn't need to put tape on firing pin and i works
Yeh same
Thanks first reply.
It holds the pieces together so that it won't break unless you put a lot of force on it. <br /> <br /> Also, if that trigger breaks, you'd have to tear the gun apart to fix it. That's why there's tape on it.<br />
I used 2 fat rubber-bands and it works. I did't use tape for the trigger and it works.
if you dont use alot of rubber bands it wont break
He actually posted this on the &quot;Mag&quot; step.<br />
Trigger was an example. First sentence was the reason for the tape.<br />
Mine fires 2 but 1 goes far and the other just falls.
I just got finished eith it an mi trigger is useless i think i did somethin rong help
dj i need help D: i wanna make a slide for my halo magnum that i built from knex gun builder (great gun btw) and i built the slide but when i pull back the ram, the thing connecting the slide and the ram snaps off, so basically im asking how do you make a slide that doesnt break off?
Very carefully. The best way is to use a setup like on Loosewire's slide action pistol.
100th comment ^_^ TY
great gun. i enjoyed making it =)
did u live near lake city when u posted this?
Uhhh I don't know what state Lake City is in. Probably not, I've been in the same place for the past 4 or 5 years.
What the hell makes you think I lived there at the time of the post?
you said southside knex war
When I originally announced it I said the location was in Louisiana.
&quot;You're not doing me a favor by building this gun. I'm doing you a favor by giving you instructions for it.&quot; - DJ Radio<br><br>this is going in my bio<br><br>Im going to build this gun right now.
you posted this on my birthday :D
Merry Christmas.
I don't have tape, rubber bands, Or anything on my mag. I have shot it well over 50 times already. and Either one of my mags haven't blown up. xD It has had a weird shot gun effect though. I'm assuming it's the strength of the Rubber band. But i'm not sure. Anyone else have that?
Actually 3 other people report a shotgun effect when using the gun. &nbsp;I personally don't have this, my rubberband is a bit loose on the pusher.<br />
What do you mean with shotgun effect? The ammo turns or what?
Shoots more than 1 per shot.
Trigger doesn't work
Did you not see the video where I shot all 8 shots from my gun with no problem? You just didn't build it right.
what's the tape for?
Hopefully to tape your fingers together so you stop spamming my ible.<br />
Uhh You can clearly see it's attached to an orange connector.
ok its not letting me add a comment so im adding this comment in this reply ( not actually a reply ) but its not letting me click on the pictures to make then bigger ? could someone please help, like 2 make them show up on that big area also im on a mac.

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