Picture of Jackal v4
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Jackal 4 004.JPG
llll 017.JPG
You're not doing me a favor by building this gun.  I'm doing you a favor by giving you instructions for it.

Quick stats:
Range- 45-50 feet with 2 bands
Reload time- 5 seconds
Mag capacity- 8 oodammo rounds.
Very comfy
Very reliable.


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Step 1: Outer panels.

Picture of Outer panels.
Make 2 of this.  Put blue rods on one of them, set the other one aside for later.

Step 2: Inner panels

Picture of Inner panels
Jackal 003.JPG
Make 2 of what's pictured.  Set one set aside, put one on the first panel.

Step 3: Inner guts.

Picture of Inner guts.
Jackal 005.JPG
Jackal 006.JPG
Jackal 007.JPG
1- Make/gather these.
2- trigger closeup (REMOVE THE BLUE CAP)
3- combine this and the bottom of the barrel.
4- add it all to the gun.

Step 4: Inner panels, part 2.

Picture of Inner panels, part 2.
Remember that set of inner panels in step 2 I had you set aside?  Get them and put them on the gun.

Step 5: Outer panels, part 2

Picture of Outer panels, part 2
Jackal 011.JPG
Jackal 012.JPG
Jackal 010.JPG
Add the final panel. 

2- Make this
3- add here.

Step 6: Handle.


1- make this
2- closeup on one important section.  This is for comfort
3- Add to gun
4- Make trigger guard
5- Add trigger guard
6- get them
7-8: add them to handle
9: get these
10-11- add to gun.

Step 7: Ram

Picture of Ram
Jackal 025.JPG
Make the ram.  It's an orange connector, 2 gray connectors wrapped in tape, and a Yellow (in this case it's a gray metallic part) connector.

Step 8: Mag

Whee! Almost done!

1- Get all these
2- Make this
3- make these
4- Connect
5- Gather these
6- put them on
7- Add these to the gun
8- Add Etape.

Step 9: Loading and firing.

Picture of Loading and firing.
Jackal 034.JPG
Jackal 035.JPG
Jackal 036.JPG
Jackal 037.JPG
Just do it.

1- Take the pusher out and put it on one of the thingys.
2- insert 8 rounds of oodammo
3- Put a Y connector on the top
4- insert it into the gun.  Try to position it like I do for optimum power
5- Take the Y connector off and place it here.

Go have fun with your new gun.

Step 10: Troubleshooting.

-My mag breaks
A: Use tape on the mag area where specified

-I'm shooting 2 shots at one time!
A: If you are, they are most likely getting high range and they both have equal range.  Don't see it as a problem, see it as a shotgun pistol.

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DJ Radio (author) 4 years ago
Time to celebrate:

I need help with the ammo part, I cant understand the lics

Super cool gun bro.

Anyways, I realise why people don't seem fond of you, but don't feel put off by that. Would you rather live in a world of Knexers who build great guns after criticism, or would you rather live in one where everyone is overpraising everyone in a world of happy smiley faces?

I pick the former, and I think most Knexers here would too.
I do as well. Indubitably so.
DJ Radio (author)  WeNeedMoreCheese3 years ago
The former is the community I came from, and the latter is the one it degenerated to. It's one of the main reasons we are having a lack of stuff that isn't generic.
peterson44 years ago
I built and moded epicly 25 round mag full stock and acog scope
travw5 years ago
Is the E-tape necessary?
DJ Radio (author)  travw5 years ago
travw DJ Radio5 years ago
Ok. Any particular reason?
DJ Radio (author)  travw5 years ago
The same reason you would put tape on a firing pin.
travw DJ Radio5 years ago
Yeah, I found that out.
 but i dont need tape on a firing pin, is it possible to just wrap a few bands around?
DJ Radio (author)  ~Aeronous~5 years ago
It will still break.  You do need tape.
u dont on the ram

i put 2 yellow connectors then a small wheel
which i wrapped bands round
works good

when i didnt put bands on i broke two orange connectors :(
LOL i didn't need to put tape on firing pin and i works
Yeh same
Thanks first reply.
It holds the pieces together so that it won't break unless you put a lot of force on it.

Also, if that trigger breaks, you'd have to tear the gun apart to fix it. That's why there's tape on it.
I used 2 fat rubber-bands and it works. I did't use tape for the trigger and it works.
if you dont use alot of rubber bands it wont break
DJ Radio (author)  Raikou-san5 years ago
He actually posted this on the "Mag" step.
Trigger was an example. First sentence was the reason for the tape.
jonathanmi4 years ago
Mine fires 2 but 1 goes far and the other just falls.
peterson44 years ago
I just got finished eith it an mi trigger is useless i think i did somethin rong help
dj i need help D: i wanna make a slide for my halo magnum that i built from knex gun builder (great gun btw) and i built the slide but when i pull back the ram, the thing connecting the slide and the ram snaps off, so basically im asking how do you make a slide that doesnt break off?
DJ Radio (author)  SomeAsianKid4 years ago
Very carefully. The best way is to use a setup like on Loosewire's slide action pistol.
100th comment ^_^ TY
arjun14 years ago
great gun. i enjoyed making it =)
willdel5454 years ago
did u live near lake city when u posted this?
DJ Radio (author)  willdel5454 years ago
Uhhh I don't know what state Lake City is in. Probably not, I've been in the same place for the past 4 or 5 years.
DJ Radio (author)  willdel5454 years ago
What the hell makes you think I lived there at the time of the post?
you said southside knex war
DJ Radio (author)  willdel5454 years ago
When I originally announced it I said the location was in Louisiana.
Furloy4 years ago
"You're not doing me a favor by building this gun. I'm doing you a favor by giving you instructions for it." - DJ Radio

this is going in my bio

Im going to build this gun right now.
RedStark4 years ago
you posted this on my birthday :D
DJ Radio (author)  RedStark4 years ago
Merry Christmas.
I don't have tape, rubber bands, Or anything on my mag. I have shot it well over 50 times already. and Either one of my mags haven't blown up. xD It has had a weird shot gun effect though. I'm assuming it's the strength of the Rubber band. But i'm not sure. Anyone else have that?
DJ Radio (author)  xXxSubZero1175 years ago
Actually 3 other people report a shotgun effect when using the gun.  I personally don't have this, my rubberband is a bit loose on the pusher.
mahmel DJ Radio4 years ago
What do you mean with shotgun effect? The ammo turns or what?
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