Step 4: Applying the Paper Clay

Picture of Applying the Paper Clay
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Before applying the papier mache pulp to the form I applied a layer of traditional paper mache (strips of paper dipped in diluted glue). This optional step lets you use a much thinner layer of pulp which will dry much faster.

Smooth the pulp onto form and shape it as you would clay or play dough. If the pulp is too lumpy you can smooth it out with some glue diluted with water.

Don't apply the pulp too thick. Aim instead to apply a couple layers and let it try completely between each application. Keep your extra pulp in an airtight container or plastic wrap so it won't dry out between layers.

If you need to speed up the drying time you can put the whole thing in a warm oven or next to a heater but be careful not to burn it.