Jack Skellington's Paper Spider Snowflake





Introduction: Jack Skellington's Paper Spider Snowflake

I love The Nightmare Before Christmas and I love the spider snowflake Jack Skellington made accidentally.  So I made it purposefully.  It is very easy.


Just print off the attached document, cut off the bottom portion marked with the dotted line, fold in half, and cut.  Make sure you are careful with the legs; they're skinny!  To cut between the legs, just bend the paper slightly without creasing, and make a slit, then stick the scissors in the cut and carefully cut along the black lines.

Isn't it awesome!



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I made it while making snow flakes for work! It's cute! Let's see how many coworkers get it.

That's great! It's the perfect snowflake to slip in with "normal" ones. Gives your decorations some variety :)

I just bought this AMAZING spider web of lights from IKEA for my Nightmare Before Christmas guest room. This spider will be the PERFECT finishing touch for the center. Thanks so much for the pattern! - Note: if you get yourself a spiderweb at IKEA and get all excited because it's only $10, please be aware that you need to buy a special transformer for it to plug into the wall which is another $10.


That looks super cool! A Nightmare Before Christmas guest room sounds like the best guest room ever! You could also try making these snowflakes out of something more permanent like vinyl or even fabric too :)

thats cool and my sister loves NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS

Thanks for the template.
The pictures quality is really good,
What kind of camera you do use?