The Jackson Cube is really easy to make, great for beginners!  Most of the steps will be in the pictures.

Things you will need:

6 pieces of paper (2 of one color, another 2 of a different color, and 2 more of a different color)


Step 1: Choose Your Paper!

Ok, follow the picture closely. If you are having problems or questions, please ask in the comments, or send me a message and i will try to answer them as quickly as possible. :D

Step 2: Starting to Fold Your Pieces!

Step 3: Folding...

Step 4: Folding...

Step 5: Folding...

Step 6: All of Your Finished Pieces!

Step 7: Constructing Your Cube!

Now lets start constructing the cube!

Step 8: Putting It All Together...

This may be a little difficult, if you have any Q's or comments please send me a message or comment!

Step 9: FINISHED!!!

All finished! Please post pictures of your finished Jackson Cube!
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<p>It's cool</p>
<p>It's cool</p>
any size square paper?
This last week at the local high school math/science night open house, a lady from Conner Prairie (Indianapolis historical and education place) shared how to make a Jackson Cube using as material the several hundreds of Indy Mini Maker Fair announcement cards (about the size of business cards) she had left over from Sept 2011.<br><br>Today, at a local playground, my sons found scattered about a bunch of math flash cards. We picked them all up and built a multi unit cube. The large size and paper stock of the cards made it easy to assemble the eight cubes into a large cube.
Origami is 1 piece of paper and no cutting gluing. I like this I do, but I do origami boexes and this isn't it. And very pretty paper as well
Modular Origami is accepted world wide as &quot;real origami&quot;, It has been around as long as single sheet folding, and actualy&nbsp;the majority of&nbsp; box patterns are modular.&nbsp;The artist&nbsp;Tomoko Fuse has some good one&nbsp;
I guess, I had an old Japanese guy tirade at me in Central Park years back explaining how it is 1 piece of paper and no cuts/glues/staples. That would make it Chinese. I waited and waited and said, well Japanese people are really just a branch of the Chinese who moved off the mainland , and they took many customs and arts/sciences from China including Origami. Boy did he spew then, quite billious. But every reference I have seen says the old man was right. You can make a sea of waves that line up on a table to be a sea, and put a boat in the middle. but if you use multiple pieces of paper for each wave, paperfolding it IS, origami, it is NOT. <br><br>As a kid I carved the man who taught me kept telling me and my friends you must only use 1 knife never a tool kit that is the beauty of the thing (he was from Cuba), married into a very Irish clan in Brooklyn. Eventually I tired of it. I stopped carving for about 20 years, so sad. I now carve and have a few dozen knives, as well as multi blade handle sets (1 handle interchangable blades). The effect is different I can do more.<br><br>If Michelangelo could have bought air powered hammers he would and he still would have been great. So go for it show us more cus I gave up on Origami years ago to silly with one sheet. I did it to keep kids happy in MD waiting rooms and once had 6-8 kids all sitting quietely (from a screaming horde of 5-8 yrd olds) making boxes and swans. One frazzled adult said, &quot;they should pay you to come in on bad days to do this, I have never seen this room quiet&quot;. There is a gent from Soth America with a Spanish sir name that did a whole book of really nice pieces. If I can find it at the library I will post back for you. I did the spider<br><br>have a great day try carving as well as this.
You are a very good writer.
nice guide
Well done! The photos were spot on...clear, helpful. Good choice of paper, good pacing of the shots. A winner in my book!
THANK YOU! I love how popular my instructable is, and how fast it was picked up, and featured! Thank you all for your comments! I also love how people are fighting over the fact whether or not this is origami... I'm most likely going to ignore the people who are like &quot;This is NOT origami!&quot; not trying to be mean, but i am sure this is origami. If you think not, try asking Robert Lang, and many other origami experts..... Well THANK YOU! EVERYONE! :D
Nice job! It just looks so awesome! :D
Why does &quot;loading...&quot; appear on the photo for each step? Nothing happens and the steps are not described either. Some of us need a little more detail!
Thank you for telling me this! I will try to diagnose this problem, and i will work on more detail in the instructable.... Thanks<br>~Noah~
What you describe seems to be a syndrome of &quot;slow Internet&quot;: the pictures take time to arrive, and meanwhile the &quot;loading...&quot; message is shown.<br><br>This can be caused by much traffic on the Internet, or/and Instructables.com server very loaded hence very slow to respond to you.<br><br>The best is to try later.<br>
Nice one. I gave to my 82 years old mother and she did a swel job. Bharath Kumar
nice guide <br>but not Origami
Yes, it is origami by definition, one sheet, no cuts, no glue, and see this link<br>http://freespace.virgin.net/dave.mitchell/pjcubediagrams.htm
nah, it's origami. origami just means &quot;folded paper&quot;. it doesnt involve any cutting of paper so it isn't kirigami or anything else :D
so lovely !!! I have a special affection with boxes, and this really is a special one ! <br>Thanks for sharing :-D
Nice, good start on origami gift boxes too.

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