Jackson Cube (EASY! Beginner Unit Origami)





Introduction: Jackson Cube (EASY! Beginner Unit Origami)

The Jackson Cube is really easy to make, great for beginners!  Most of the steps will be in the pictures.

Things you will need:

6 pieces of paper (2 of one color, another 2 of a different color, and 2 more of a different color)


Step 1: Choose Your Paper!

Ok, follow the picture closely. If you are having problems or questions, please ask in the comments, or send me a message and i will try to answer them as quickly as possible. :D

Step 2: Starting to Fold Your Pieces!

Step 3: Folding...

Step 4: Folding...

Step 5: Folding...

Step 6: All of Your Finished Pieces!

Step 7: Constructing Your Cube!

Now lets start constructing the cube!

Step 8: Putting It All Together...

This may be a little difficult, if you have any Q's or comments please send me a message or comment!

Step 9: FINISHED!!!

All finished! Please post pictures of your finished Jackson Cube!



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    This last week at the local high school math/science night open house, a lady from Conner Prairie (Indianapolis historical and education place) shared how to make a Jackson Cube using as material the several hundreds of Indy Mini Maker Fair announcement cards (about the size of business cards) she had left over from Sept 2011.

    Today, at a local playground, my sons found scattered about a bunch of math flash cards. We picked them all up and built a multi unit cube. The large size and paper stock of the cards made it easy to assemble the eight cubes into a large cube.