Step 8: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
Finally, three lengths of all-thread are used to sandwich the glass hurricane between the two vacuum cleaner halves. I fashioned some crude gaskets out of a rubber floor mat to minimize stress on the glass.
Overall I was very happy with the outcome of this project. The effect of a Jacob's Ladder may be simple, but it still never fails to capture the imagination. I felt that by enhancing the presentation of this effect, an already good thing was made a even better.
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JohnMichael6 years ago
I am glad you included the hurricane for safety. Nice welds; very clean looking. I can tell you care about your creations. I looked at the slideshow on your website. Very creative!
nemomatic (author)  JohnMichael6 years ago
Hey thanks! I just finished up my second jacob's ladder project here in case you missed it.