Picture of Jacobs Ladder
I love my neighbor’s garbage I call it the parts department. In this, instructible I am building a Jacobs Ladder out of an oil burning furnace ignition. Play the AVI to see it in action.
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Step 1: The parts and tool

Picture of The parts and tool
Ignition transformer
Power Cord
2 Crimpons
Coat hanger or wire
Pare of pliers

Step 2: Ignition Transformer

Picture of Ignition Transformer
Ignition transformer runs on 120 volts 60 cycle 2.1 amp
And puts out 10,000 volts 23 ma.

Step 3: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
Jacobs Ladder3.jpg
Jacobs Ladder4.jpg
Open the Ignition transformer and install the power cord with the two crimpons and test.

Step 4: Make the Probes

Picture of Make the Probes
Bend the coat hanger or wire to shape and adjust so it arks. Remember this is powerful enough to kill so adjust the probes with the power off and unplug it.
DIY Dave3 years ago
looks good, I'm planning to make one as soon as I get an ignition transformer