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This project was made out of an unused jacuzzi tub.  We bought the pre-owned tub at a local garage sale for 350 dollars.  After months of non-use, we decided to take it out of the bathroom and convert it into a fish pond for koi or oscars.

Step 1:

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We decided to breakdown the concrete seat of the jacuzzi and take apart the unit with the motor.

Step 2:

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We cleared a small area of the garden to make way for the pond.  Digging took about half a day using pick axe, shovel and plow bar to dig 2 feet deep basin

Step 3:

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After digging, we placed the tub in the hole and started filling the gaps with vibro-sand to prevent erosion and seepage. 

Step 4:

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After patting down the sand, we filled the tube with deep well water, placed perimeter keystones, pebbles, floating plants and a small unused filtration system in an old aquarium.

Total project cost: 388 USD

Tub 350 USD
Sand and Pebbles 25 USD
Ornamental Plant 5 USD
Old filter (none)
Old ornamental basket (none)
Man hours 12h 8 USD


Mugsy Knuckles (author)2013-09-18

Did you have to seal the jet ports?

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