This Is Jager's Knex Assult Rifle.

Step 1: The Butt

Build The Butt

Step 2: The Barrel

Build The Barrel

Step 3: The Rest of the Gun

Build The Rest Of The Gun
best gun ever
looks like a dagger or knife lol
oh nvm
&nbsp;does it go on ur arm cause it looks like it<br /> <br />
needs more pics cant understand
the step 3 pictures are to dark
Have A Cry!!
Your very last comment.
sorry i couldn't get back to you on this, but this looks like a really good knex gun an i would love to make it so i could give you some ideas for improvements for it.
does anyone want me to re-post this??<br />
just one? ill build it later, and it should be up by friday.<br />
The pics # 2 and 3 on step 1 arent clear enough. could you make more like from the top and sides? i would appreciate it very much.
bradleyjohn, I thought that your picture was a guys butt. lol
lol butt call it a stock
dude plzzz make a vid on youtube im totaly stuck on step 3
parts list?
I've just posted a MAJOR mod to this as my own instructable. All I kept was the trigger and the front of the barrel. The link to it is here<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/XKR-Knex-Assault-Rifle---big-mod-of-Jagers/">here</a>. I think it fires better than this if you build it well, but I would say that because I built it.<br/>P.S. Good work BradleyJohn for making this instructable!<br/>
TY very much i just wasted an hour making the dumbest gun ever.....
iv got some mods shud i post them
No i didnt mean this gun was the one that sucked.... It was a diff gun If you have mods by all means go ahead! Just make sure you include mod in your title otherwise people will think its the real deal instructable
Hey.. How many green rods and Yellow connectors (HALF CIRCLES) are used cause im running low please REPLY FAST!!!
27 yellow connectors and around 100 green rods
i dont get why no one rated it up. +1
it doesnt look like an aussalt rifle....
HALLELUJIA!!<sub>(sp?)</sub><br/><br/>IT BE HERE!!!<br/>
How do you load and fire this thing? I'm soooo confused :-O
pull the firing pin back, aim and shoot
lol where did you find your name icon its freakin hilarias
I'm such an idiot, LOL. I didnt build the butt cos I thought I wouldn't need it an I'm low on pieces.
check out the mods i did to this gun!it's awsome@(~_~)@ __________
are you gunna make deviants too?
whats the range for this gun?
around 70 feet
Thank you thank you sam i am ;D Finally better instructions a little at least =)<br/>
thank you so much your the best
are you gonna post deviant's too? this looks good...stats?
change it plz
thank you soooooo much. <strong>oh chage icon</strong><br/>

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