Jagged Crown - Building an ultra realistic prop helmet

Picture of Jagged Crown - Building an ultra realistic prop helmet
Hello Instructables!

This project has been sort of a back burner for the last year or so and i've finally gotten around to finishing it up and now I would like to share it with you! 

This instructable will touch lightly on sculpting, molding, casting and finishing techniques that were used to produce this prop.

A little background info on this Helm: It is a digital design from the video game Skyrim within the Elder Scrolls series. It is an ancient artifact which once belong to a high king of "Skyrim" and is discovered while playing the game.

"Maw unleashing razor snow, of dragons from the blue brought down, births the walking winter's woe, The High King in his Jagged Crown."

I hope you enjoy!



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Step 1: Things you will need

Picture of Things you will need
Casting or Bust to sculpt on (I used a casting of my own head for this project)

Slow cooker (Something to heat up clay)

Monster Makers Sculpting Clay

Sculpting Tools

Various paint brushes 

99% alcohol

Plastic mixing cups (I used red party cups)

Nuts and bolts

Plastic Gloves (no latex)

Smooth On Rebound 25 ( Silicon Mold)

Smooth On Plasti Paste ( Mold Jacket)

Smooth On Universal Mold Release

Smooth On Smooth Cast 325

Smooth On Smooth Cast 65D

Smooth On Colorant

Thivex Silicon Thickener

Paint mixing sticks

Small trowel (I used a cheap plastic drywall trowel)

Spray Primer (Automotive)

Metallic spray paint

Bone color spray paint (I used krylon almond flat)

Heavy Body acrylic paints (Used for aging, Brown/black/ bright orange)

Clear coat spray paint (I used a matt finish)

This is absolutely amazing!

cortchops2 months ago

first of all awesome job but i was wondering what the bust was made out of?

kylegilbert3 months ago

Thanks for all the detail here! So helpful for people like me who hope to get started with casting at some point.

Eldalote9 months ago

Amazing work!!

Thanks! Is this crown wearable and if so what size? It would be rely nice to have a picture of some one wearing it or it on a mannequin to see how it fits on some ones head. The reason I ask is because i plan on using it for my costume at the renaissance fair.

If you do as the creator of this insructable did, you'd first create a mold of your own head to develop the crown from. That would mean that yes this helmet would be wearable, and better yet, it would fit you perfectly!

It's meant to be worn as a helmet/crown. My head size is 7 3/8 and it fits nice. I will add an image to the etsy listing.
kchisholm11 year ago
Am I the only commenter that knows that this is from Skyrim?

no the Storm Cloak or imperial make you get it

when it says chose color whats the difference between castings and finished besides the price

The Castings are a straight pull from the mold without any finishing or paint. The Finished version is fully painted like you see in the final images on the instructables.

Hey I think you did an amazing job with this crown and i would love to buy one from you. Please reply back soon, either here or on this products ebay page.

Thanks very much!! check out my sales page here:

Sandivar1 year ago
Way beyond my artistic level, but SOOO cool! Thanks for the instructable!
Those horns look incredible!!
drool... oh holy mother of pearl, that is the most awesome thing I have seen on instructables.
DirtyMooseDesign (author) 1 year ago
Hey Everyone! I'm throwing this finished piece up on eBay for auction. if interested please check out the link below!

hanks for all the kind comments!
gmessenger1 year ago
Wow! Stunning!
eleones1 year ago
nuq 'IH mIv HochHom DaH tay'jaj Qu'vam Qa' tlhIngan yIchev. Dun quv Qap, loDnI'wI'!

Human English Translation:
"What a beautiful hat most worthy of my savage Klingon head. Great honorable work, my brother!"
pjordan31 year ago
This is totally bad ass. Love it!
DirtyMooseDesign (author) 1 year ago
Thanks everybody!

Satrek- the material cost for this is heavy and was around $700. The time on this was very scattered because it was my own hobby project but I could make something like this in about 40h or an average work week.

oldmicah- I did not drill anything into the helmet but rather used a screw tin apply the epoxy.... Confusing sorry. Although the joints are strong it wouldn't hurt to have a drew or post to attach to.
"around $700"

Holy Guacamole!

For that I'd rather just forge one out of real metal!
Horef1 year ago
holy crap this is amazing!
Shawn60221 year ago
this is amazing. definitely going to use some of the advice here to make some prop weapons. when I do I will definitely give the shout out to you!
gbuckholtz1 year ago
All I can say is wow!
That looks freakin' amazing! :-D
not bad preaty cool
DirtyMooseDesign (author) 1 year ago
If anyone wants to follow along well he process is happening you can at these sites!

I post progress images and steps!

oldmicah1 year ago
Looks fantastic! In step 10, you epoxied a wood screw into the main helmet. Is the head of the screw on the inside of the helmet? Is it an anchor for a tooth: I.e. Did you drill a corresponding hole into the tooth?
Fantastic! Great instructable!
You do realize that this is - at least to me - freakishly crazy and amazingly cool. I would love to ever make something that detailed and realistic... well, maybe I could, but I lack the patience, practice and skill you displayed here... Besides, I do not have and of the molding equipment and consumables at home, so... Are you a professional in that field?

And it's a really great design to begin with, too.

Out of curiosity, how much time and money did the crown gobble up?

Thanks for sharing!
poofrabbit1 year ago
VERY nicely done! As well as easy to follow instructions!
Honus1 year ago
That is awesome!