Picture of JailBreak your Ipod Touch 1st & 2nd Gen(3.1.3)
Are you tired of not being able to use third party programs such as rock and cydia on your ipod touch and change the way your home screen looks?
Want to play all your favourite retro classics on the go?(GBA,NES,GBC,SNES,PSX,etc.)
Would you like to be able to access your files without using iTunes?

Well then what you want to do is jailbreak your ipod!

 Jailbreaking is basically modifying the firmware of your ipod.
There are a number of programs available to jailbreak your device, but I recommend blackra1n.com/
It is available for Windows(*cough* the best *cough*) and Mac.

***please jailbreak at your own risk***
***jail breaking void your ipods warranty, so if you are sending it for repairs please restore to factory settings;)***
***please do not ask for links to cracked apps and ROMs, just search for them on google or yahoo***

Step 1: Blackra1n

Picture of Blackra1n
The first thing you need to do is download Blackra1n from blackra1n.com
Choose your OS (mac or windows) and download the application.

Shiroku912 years ago
You should use screen shots of each step and you should explain the differences between rock and cyna and the pros and cons of jailbreaking...
chrizw123 (author) 4 years ago
Any comments??