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This Cristmas 2009 I received a new ipod touch 3g. after playing with it for a day or two I found that I couldn't do anything that apple didnt want me to I couldn't even access my ipods files through the My Computer program.

So in a rebellion against this injustice I jailbroke my ipod. This instructable will teach you how to jailbrake your ipod touch

*sorry for the poor image quality, I took them with my cellphone*
*please leave feedback and sugestions and I will try to add them*
*In case of application error, try this older version. *
*note only works with OS 3.1.2 and below*
*many people have been getting an weird error "ASL.dll missing" I think. Here is the solution: Move the Blackra1n.exe file to:

for 32 bit systems – C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support

for 64 bit systems – C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support

then run the program from there.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

The things needed for this are as follows:

1. A pc running windows or mac
2. an ipod touch 3g
3. 3mb of harddrive space
4. an internet connection
5. 10 minutes of your time
6. usb to ipod cord

Step 2: First

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First you go to and download the link for your operating system
(I use windows)

Step 3: Next

Picture of Next

Next you click run

then when it finishes downloading click open / run

then when the window opens click "make it ra1n"

Step 4: Then

Picture of Then

Then the following screen will apear on your ipod
for this step you simply wait (it may take up to 5 minutes, depends on computer, mine took about 25 seconds).

Step 5: Congratulations

Picture of Congratulations

Congratulations your ipod is now jailbroken!!!

To finish the process go to next step.

Step 6: Install

Picture of Install

next you need to install a "3d party itunes" so find the black rain icon on your spring board
and open it.

then choose your "itunes" (I prefer to use Cydia)

To install just tap the one you want.


omnommaster (author)2013-06-10

I tried this and my iPod won't start now. It's stuck at the connect to iTunes screen. I tried rerunning blackra1n, but it wouldn't respond.

reidy2010 (author)2012-03-23


skerzzz (author)2012-03-15

mine just brought up the plus with an arrow pointing to the itunes logo. and its restoring my ipod now.

blanz (author)2011-10-18

Reboot finished but not jailbroken... wth do i do?

jared1122 (author)2011-06-10

the black rain screen isnt showing up just the connect to itunes screen

LoyalCrystalean (author)2011-06-01

blackra1n just gets a debug error

bminion (author)2011-04-12

does it work if your ipod is in restore mode ?

nsmith4 (author)2011-03-20

when i download blackra1n it downloads and opens but when i hit make it ra1n, it tells me blackra1n has stopped working and that windows is searching for a solution and redownloading the app might fix the problem but it doesnt :( plz help

Kirbsome! (author)2010-08-02

can be done via iTunes:

account3r2 (author)Kirbsome!2010-08-02

:O oh. i dont have an itouch yet, but i will get one sometime soon.

account3r2 (author)account3r22010-08-02

i am asuming it deletes everything then puts it back like how you bought it?

Kirbsome! (author)account3r22010-08-02

Deletes files, settings and apps, and updates to the latest iOS

account3r2 (author)Kirbsome!2010-08-02

nice. thanks.

Kirbsome! (author)2010-08-02

Alternatively, you could use the Spirit jb, on my 2g it took a minute, and automatically installed Cydia

account3r2 (author)2010-08-01

i dont have an itouch yet, so what is the dotted line thingy in the cvery first pic?

account3r2 (author)account3r22010-08-01

sorry, not cvery, very

junoseo (author)2010-07-26

does this work for the MC model?

ipad (author)2010-04-19

i curently have a 2gen ipod touch but i updated it to the 3.1.3 (7E18) firmwear using itunes. model: MB528ZP 8GB. and ive been on over a thousand different sites trying to find a way to jail break it. is it possible to jail break it using this site.


doublewomit (author)ipad2010-07-07

either get spirit (google Spirit) or upgrade to ios 4.0 and get redsn0w.

ipad (author)doublewomit2010-07-09

did that ages ago

mspearin (author)2010-04-15

When i went to install blackra1n and use it said "This Application has failed to start because ASL.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem" i treis to re-install it quite a few times but the same thing happend. Is there a way around this?

dogs10109 (author)mspearin2010-07-04

This happened to me this past week (thurs. July 1, 2010). To tell u the truth I'm not sure what i did, i rebooted my computer a few times...still nothing. Then I tried using an older version of the software that i had backed up, and it worked. I will post a link to it in my instructable if the problem comes up for anyone else.

dogs10109 (author)mspearin2010-04-15 shouldn't have to install anything unless you mean when your trying to install cydia on you itouch/iphone. The actual black ra1n program should boot directly from the downloaded .exe file. try opening the file instead of installing it. *if this didn't help I can try to help you further, but, it would greatly help if you could specify you PC's OS, your ipod firmware version, what u have (ipod touch or iphone), and how your trying to run/install the blackra1n program and if your talking about having trouble installing it  on you ipod or on your computer (Im assuming your talking about installing it on your computer).

graham277 (author)2010-04-22

do u need to downgrade it to 3.1.2?

dogs10109 (author)graham2772010-07-04

not anymore :P (july 4, 2010)

ipad (author)graham2772010-05-10

could be an option

can you givs the link

heidrune (author)2010-06-13

it didnt work for me, when i ran blackrain my ipod told me i should connect to itunes and i did, restored it ad everything is back to normal and blackrain isnt in it... :(

dogs10109 (author)heidrune2010-07-04

when i first jail broke my ipod this happened to, to resolve this simply re-run blackra1n until u see the geohot picture shown on step 4 PS: i had to run it a few-times before it worked, and there are some models of 2nd-gen itouchs that cant be jail broken (usually have a shiny sticker on back with a special serial number)

aronrox (author)2010-06-23

ok, so i have one huge question..actually this free? and if so....then if I get the new iOS 4, will my ipod get re-jailed?

shenker10 (author)aronrox2010-06-24

you will have to re jailbreak after any update.

dogs10109 (author)shenker102010-07-04

yes, u will. but there are updates after about a month or two, to "un-jail" your device

dogs10109 (author)aronrox2010-07-04

yes, this is free, and yes, your ipod will become "re-jailed" if u upgrade your itouch/iphone OS

lukethebook333 (author)2010-01-07

I know blackra1n is a little inconvenient as you lose your jailbreak every time you reboot the device. Have you found a workaround, or know of a good way to deal with that?

It's because for the 3rd gen it was a tethered jailbrake but now after awhile Geohot has released an untethered version. Which means, do the jailbreak again and this time you can turn your ipod off and still keep the jailbreak :)

dogs10109 (author)lukethebook3332010-02-17

 the workaround is to rerun blackra1n when you are in recovery mode and when it reboots after running blackra1n everything will be there still.

iamtoats (author)lukethebook3332010-01-08

 I used Quickpwn for my 1st gen. It's running the newest firmware, untethered. 
I dislike Blackra1n... Unfortunately, Quickpwn is only available for macs, but you can download the jailbroken firmware from some torrent sites.

To the author:
Nice instructable.
But, I'm pretty positive it wasn't Geohot who created jailbreaking.... He just made Blackra1n. 
I've been jailbreaking my 1st gen ipod since the 1.1.1 jailbreak on Quickpwn was the greatest invention ever..... (for jailbreaking of course...)

dogs10109 (author)iamtoats2010-01-08

I am sorry if I gave that concludion, please note its location and ill try  to fix it ASAP.

dogs10109 (author)lukethebook3332010-01-08

So far I have not been able to find a version of Blackra1n that doesnt require you to rerun it after a reboot, rerut i know that there are very few apps/downloads that require a reboot. I have only had to do it twice for apps that actually mod the base software. Rumers are that Geohot, the developer of blackra1n, it close to making a untethered version of it, but the time frame is unknown to me

dogs10109 (author)2010-02-17

 Ok many people have been having trouble with the reboot process, if the ipod doesn't reboot then rerun blackra1n until it does boot to the springboard(screen with all of the apps on it) 

*ps: blackra1n currently doesn't work with the most recent ipod touch firmware (v. 3.1.3) and the most recent iphone firmware (whatever it currently is); i recommend that you wait to upgrade firmware until blackra1n is able to crack it.*

Rickyrrr8 (author)2010-02-15

same happened to me

Rickyrrr8 (author)2010-02-14

noo something happened then it was not there and it didnt work helpppppppp

Rickyrrr8 (author)2010-02-14

thank you so much

r3d5 (author)2010-02-02

 PERFECT bro. just make sure to add that for free apps u need to download installeous from cydia

*for all those who want it open cydia go to manage then sources then edit then add then type and install

ps took me like 10 min : )

colbyclark70 (author)2010-01-28

toall owners of 3rd gen ipods:

if you run black rain to jailbreak it, you must run blackrainon your computer when you see the silver apple logo.

and whenever you need to reboot your ipod, just run blackrain on the boot and it willl be just like you left it.

cameronm896 (author)2010-01-27

 this did not work for my ipod and black ra1n just said to wait for it to reboot and it never did

louieaw (author)2010-01-18

 If you run a Linux distro, you can access all of your iPod files that you couldn't see otherwise in Windows or Mac. But there are many other things jailbreaking is good for. Good instructable!

poolshark162006 (author)2010-01-08

 you really should of added somewhere that its a tethered version for the ipod touch 3rd generation. but for the 1st and 2nd it works fine on 3.1.2

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