Picture of JailBreaking your Ipod Touch 3rd generation

This Cristmas 2009 I received a new ipod touch 3g. after playing with it for a day or two I found that I couldn't do anything that apple didnt want me to I couldn't even access my ipods files through the My Computer program.

So in a rebellion against this injustice I jailbroke my ipod. This instructable will teach you how to jailbrake your ipod touch

*sorry for the poor image quality, I took them with my cellphone*
*please leave feedback and sugestions and I will try to add them*
*In case of application error, try this older version. *
*note only works with OS 3.1.2 and below*
*many people have been getting an weird error "ASL.dll missing" I think. Here is the solution: Move the Blackra1n.exe file to:

for 32 bit systems – C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support

for 64 bit systems – C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support

then run the program from there.

Step 4: Then

Picture of Then

Then the following screen will apear on your ipod
for this step you simply wait (it may take up to 5 minutes, depends on computer, mine took about 25 seconds).

Step 5: Congratulations

Picture of congratulations
Congratulations your ipod is now jailbroken!!!

To finish the process go to next step.

Step 6: Install

next you need to install a "3d party itunes" so find the black rain icon on your spring board
and open it.

then choose your "itunes" (I prefer to use Cydia)

To install just tap the one you want.
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