Jailbreaking: Advantages VS Disadvantages





Introduction: Jailbreaking: Advantages VS Disadvantages

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I jailbroke my iPod today and I will wayout the advantages and disadvantages:

But first I will explain what jailbreaking does based on exerince and reading:
Jailbreaking: In simple terms alterls the iOS of a device. In more technical terms it removes Apple's restrications and gives the user access to the file system and root.

I jailbroke using Redsn0w and messed up the first time so all I had to do was reboot and try again.
I'd recomend redsn0w for anyone wanting to Jailbreak after reading this guide.

IMPORTENT: When you jailbreak make sure you exit any iTunes application or your iTunes won't work. (To fix this on Win 7, Log out and then log in)

I will also highlight some usefull apps.

= More Custimbility
= More Themes
= More Free Ringtones
= Apps That Didn't Pass The Apple Quality Test
= Funny Tweaks
= Usefull Apps For Accesesories

= Possibility Of Small Lag (only visible if you watch closly)
= Small Posibiltiy Of Virus
= Some False Apps
= Disables SpellChecker

The most usefull app I have at the moment is: Winterboard

If you would like to go back to original iPod software all you have to do is: Plug it into iTunes and click restore, it will probaly update the software. It will then "contact the iPod restore server' all you have to do is leave it.


(PS: It's Easter over here :))



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    I s should probably try jailbreaking on my colleague's phone first.

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    could this by any chance help hackers get into the device?

    jailbraking some machine automaticly you agree for some also limitations. If this limitations are minimal and the number is counting in 2-3 fingers the the jailbreak it worths. Personally i started with Ipod touch and in every apple device i gain I jailbrake it at once!!!!

    I have a jailbroken iPod 3rd gen running 5.0.1 and I just ran a couple of tests, I have a perfectly working SpellChecker (If by that you mean Auto Correct). It is quite possible that you installed something or have a conflicting part in you install. What are your system details?

    . I believe y'all have misinterpreted Mr. Dad's low-brow, Yankee sense of humor and irony. The spelling (and grammar) of the OP is atrocious. In Mr. Dad's (and a lot of other ppls') Weird Wild World, that is an indicator of no spellcheck.

    HAHAH good one

    yah, must be something irony slowing it down.

    I didn't know that I'm editing It right now

    Edited It check it out!!