Microwave Pizza Dough & No-Cook Tomato Sauce

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There are so many great pizzas in the world but there is no substitute for real yeast dough - having your dough rise in the microwave while you are preheating the oven and grating the cheese is faster than calling for delivery.

I make this pizza every week because I almost always have a bag of the dry ingredients sitting in the cupboard. I have probably made this pizza over 300 times. I have even taught classes on how to make it. My name on the Instructables site here should have been PizzaQueen instead of Ninzerbean.

The recipe is all mine but the process of letting the dough rise in the microwave is from a wonderful cookbook called Bread in Half the Time.

The no-cook tomato sauce is the tastiest you will ever have eaten and the only clean up you will have is your food processor, cheese grater and pizza pan. It is that easy. Just remember this mantra: cook for 3 minutes, rest for 3 minutes, cook for 3 minutes, rest for 6 minutes.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
  • Food processor
  • Microwave with adjustable power (almost all have it)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Pizza pan - I use a half sheet pan but I have used about everything you can imagine - even a grill. A half sheet pan is about 17 x 12 inches.
  • Oven
  • Knife for chopping
  • Measuring spoons
  • 2 cup measuring cup 
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Sl0whand2 years ago
Thank you very much for sharing!
I very much enjoy the way you write. And, of course, can't wait to put in practice what I have read today...
Please continue sharing...
Ninzerbean (author)  Sl0whand2 years ago
I've been working on a big ible about how to sell your house, I have nothing planned for the day other than trimming Taxi so maybe you were just the impetus I needed - thank you!
tinker2343 years ago
mm thanks for this i made some spaghetti using this sauce best sauce haven't made the dough don't have a food processor
Ninzerbean (author)  tinker2343 years ago
Thanks for sharing, that's an idea I will have to try, I never thought of it.
Databanks4 years ago
Tried this one with my kids. First go, my poor cheap processor died, but it was a cheap thing and was getting old anyway. Got a better quality processor and wizzed through. Kids loved it (they had ham & pineapple, I had home made chilli sauce as well in mine).
Even using the basics it makes a soft, evenly cooked pizza that's easy to slice and tastes good. My kids and I thank you for sharing
Ninzerbean (author)  Databanks4 years ago
Thank you! I hope it becomes a staple at your house and makes buying the new food processor worth it!
It already has, although I did have to point out to the boys that we can NOT eat pizza every time they're here. It's supposed to be a treat, not the only thing in their diet.
I think the old processor was going to drop dead soon anyway. It blew out a huge cloud of smoke
Ninzerbean (author)  Databanks4 years ago
I just had that happen with an appliance but it turned out to be the wires coming into my house from the pole on the street, the shielding had worn through and there were surges going on, my computers were just lucky and the electric company is supposed to be paying for my fried appliance one day, I'm still waiting though. The wires were all replaced and my whole house is brighter. I am sure that is not what happened to you though you might want to look outside...
suayres4 years ago
Inthink i would add whole wheat flour (sub in 1 to 1-1/2 c in place of some of the bread flour--I think the ww gives bread/pizza dough a heartier flavor and texture.
chabias4 years ago
This looks like a fantastic recipe! Too bad I don't have a food processor, but once I tell the Mr. how he can save money with this recipe, he'll surely buy me one!
Ninzerbean (author)  chabias4 years ago
I've owned mine for about 24 years so they are a good investment. I like the Cuisinart brand because the blade comes extremely close to the sides of the bowl for great chopping work - this is vs others I have used at friend's houses.
Thanks for that info! Can't wait to try this recipe.
fduffey4 years ago
what about using a blender instead of a food processor?
Ninzerbean (author)  fduffey4 years ago
No, how would you put the blender in the microwave even saying you could take out the metal blade.... I think it is too small to knead the dough but you could try, and then of course take it out and put into something microwave safe and cover with the plastic wrap. I guess it is worth trying, let me know if it works.
hondaman9004 years ago
Great instructable - thank you! Dashing out to get the ingredients and find a good inexpensive food processor..... The kids will love doing this with me :)
Ninzerbean (author)  hondaman9004 years ago
Good luck with the kids - mine just likes to eat this pizza each and every week, sometimes I can get him to grate the cheese.
ARJOON4 years ago
i will make one when nobody except me is at home for 24hrs. it will give me time to prepare cook, eat, play and sleep. then make like nothing happened the day before
Roxy 1435 years ago
Ninzerbean (author)  Roxy 1435 years ago
Mmmmmm yes! Thank you!
Your ideas are worth trying !!!!
Ninzerbean (author)  Roxy 1434 years ago
Well go and try - let me know what you think, and thank you!
i dont want to spoil it!
Chin7974 years ago
Nice 'ible I'm using it at the cooking night me and my friends are having, so i can go around the world with flavours, 'cause I'm also making my beloved chicken in porto and I'm also making a japanese style noodle dish with alot of veggies and meat.
Puzzledd4 years ago
I must try this- I hate waiting for dough to rise (so I make no-yeast dough). We love pizza. Great 'ible!
Ninzerbean (author)  Puzzledd4 years ago
It's especially fast when you have bags of the dry ingredients all together that you can just reach for. Sometimes you will have to wait a bit until the oven is hot enough because you will be done with your dough so fast. Never forget to cover it with the plastic wrap while in the microwave. Thank you!
Jayefuu4 years ago
I'm having this for dinner tonight :)
Ninzerbean (author)  Jayefuu4 years ago
I hope you are having people over to help you eat it all - it's fantastic for breakfast too though, or at 3AM when you can't sleep.
Om nom nom way too much pizza....

Ninzerbean (author)  Jayefuu4 years ago
Oh I am hungry just looking at those!
Wow Weeeeeeee Amazing! voted 5/5
Ninzerbean (author)  porcupinemamma4 years ago
Wow Weeeeeee - thank you!
ndnet5 years ago
I used the dough instructions tonight and it came out wonderfully! I curiously have the same trusty Cuisinart processor, so the pictures were extra topical in my first run. After having to wait so long to let dough rise on my previous pizza attempts, the speed of this recipe was a dream come true. Tucked away several baggies of dry ingredients for even zippier pies next time! To borrow from eBay parlance: A+, would bake again. ;-)
Ninzerbean (author)  ndnet5 years ago
Oh I love it - thank you for letting me know my instructions were good. You will be having a lot of pizza from now on. I have a friend who I taught this to who makes dessert pizza every week, she loads the finished crust up with sliced fresh fruit and sprinkles with sugar. Oh wait, that should be my next contest entry!
GRANDBUNNY5 years ago
This pizza is simply fabulous...so is the author!
your instructable makes me fat and happy
Ninzerbean (author)  animalsandearth5 years ago
What a nice thing to say! Thank you:) And just for the record this the first time in my life I have ever used an emoticon.
Creativeman5 years ago
Amazing instructable, Ninzerbean! Wish I lived in your neighborhood...life is so not fair....definitely something I won't attempt, don't have two weeks to spend in the kitchen and going to the store, and what not...don't laugh, it would take me that long! It's a winner, for sure, thanks for sharing. Cman
Ninzerbean (author)  Creativeman5 years ago
Thank you! You are really funny.
qznetsov5 years ago
Mmm it's so easy! I have a question: what is food processor?
it's similar to a blender, but the blades are flat and the container is more of a cylinder rather then cone if that makes sense, if you have food network on tv they use them all the time, you'll become familiar with a lot of things if you watch food network a lot (which I tend to when we vege out).
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