Jalapeno poppers

Picture of Jalapeno poppers
Wow, these are tasty! It's a production to put them together, but I think you'll see that they're worth the trouble. Have a look.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Jalapeno peppers
Gouda cheese
Chicken broth
Beaten egg
Bread crumbs
Cooking oil

Step 2: Harvest and prepare your peppers

Pretty garden, huh? Marry a farmer man.

Step 3: Fill and batter the peppers

Step 4: Cook the peppers

Picture of Cook the peppers
sunshiine1 year ago
The look so delicious! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work! Have a splendorous year!
joshr1231 year ago
Usually there is bacon WERE IS THE BACON??
Dr. P (author)  joshr1231 year ago
Whoa, what a great idea! Bacon poppers! That would work.
joshr123 Dr. P1 year ago
thats how my family has always done it. i thought thats how everybody does it
I second that emotion!! :)
Azzure391 year ago
I wana try it
Dr. P (author)  Azzure391 year ago
Do it! But don't feel constrained by this recipe. Be creative. The next batch I do, I'm filling with cheese grits.
Dr. P (author) 1 year ago
Maybe we should harvest some of these things and take them on the road!
I double dip the poppers in the coating. works great and makes them look more like the ones you get at the market, unless of course your counting carbs
Dr. P (author)  peterman9211 year ago
You can get these at the market? All this work and you can get these at the market??? (You don't shop in rural Alabama, do you?)
haha, no I'm in Oregon. most every convenience store has them and most supermarket deli's also. but they are 4 for $2.00 so I dont usually buy them