Picture of James - Your first Arduino Robot
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Thank you so much everyone for voting for James in the Toy Contest! He got first place and I won a $500 Shapeways voucher! Expect to see more robot instructables from me in the future! :D

So you want to make a robot? Don't know where to start? How about you learn how to make a robot with me and make James!
James was made as part of a Robotics Class I teach to a few high school students.

I called him James in memory of my late Grandfather James Manning Edwards who passed away 14-3-2013. He loved teaching and helping kids and died doing what he loved, hopefully this James will carry on that legacy.

Step 1: Gather your Components and Tools

Picture of Gather your Components and Tools
For this build we will be using the Arduino Uno with a Prototyping Shield. You could use whichever Arduino you want with its own Prototyping Shield or Breadboard.

If you are looking to buy this Prototyping Shield search on ebay for “arduino prototype shield uno” and you should see it. Alternatively you can buy a similar looking one from Core Electronics: http://tinyurl.com/brxjx5h

Step 2: Planning

Picture of Planning
On a piece of paper sketch out a rough sketch of the shape you want your robot body to have. It is always best to have an idea of what you want your robot to look like before you begin its construction.

Next you will want to sketch the shape of the robot body onto the protective sheet of the acrylic, this can be done easily with a pencil. If you do not have acrylic you could use; balsa wood, ply-board, foam-core, cardboard plastic containers or even food containers! You will also need to mark out where you want your servo to go. To cut out the hole for the servo drill four holes on each corner where you want to put the servo, this is to allow the blade of the saw to be easily maneuverered, preventing finger loss.

Step 3: Arduino Mounting Holes

Picture of Arduino Mounting Holes
The Arduino will be attached to the robot body using M3 screws and spacers so you will also mark where the mounting holes are on the Arduino so they can be drilled out. Once all of this has been done cut out the robot shape on a bandsaw, if you don’t have a bandsaw you can use a coping saw.

Step 4: Ultrasonic Mounting Bracket

Step 5: Drivetrain

Picture of Drivetrain
If you would like to learn more about DC Motors and Servos and how to use them with Arduino watch my tutorial below:

Step 6: Checkpoint

Picture of Checkpoint
So far this is what my robot looks like.

Step 7: Attaching the Arduino

Picture of Attaching the Arduino

Step 8: Wiring the Motor Driver

Picture of Wiring the Motor Driver
To learn more about the L293D Motor Driver Chip and how to use it with Arduino watch my tutorial below:

Step 9: Connecting the Ultrasonic Sensor

Picture of Connecting the Ultrasonic Sensor
If you would like to learn more about the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor and how to use it with Arduino watch my tutorial below:

Step 10: Power

Picture of Power

Step 11: Code

Here is some basic code to get you started. I strongly encourage you to edit it and make it better once you have learned how it works.
To make the use of the ultrasonic sensor easier I have used the new ping library.

Step 12: Finished!

Picture of Finished!

Upload the test code and that’s it! You have made your first robot!
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I'm looking for a website or article that can help me learn more about the basics of Arduino robotics, I don't want to go into building one just yet, can someone help me out? Thanks!

westsoccer2 months ago

can you send me better pictures of the wiring it is really hard to see where each wire is connected to. My email is awesomezozo03@gmail.com. Thanks

no Slk_Stephane did you?

Did you get any help

nodoubtman1 month ago

error on the download code page.

thank you!


Vince A.R1 month ago

Please post the code... The link of the code isn't working, thanks^-^

swiftquail1 month ago

can i make it with a 3-pin ping.

Slk_Stephane2 months ago

Can someone please help me wire it up

westsoccer2 months ago

can you please put the code in the comments? I am new to coding and im having trouble figuring it out.

T0BY2 months ago
This is a lovely project which you have described beautifully! I look forward to trying it out myself.
RiyaVader3 months ago

Thank you for your tutorial! My Mimibot is ready. \(^_^)/

Hii am amil ...how to make robott..pls give me some idea to make it...how created the program...pls help me and shear to me u r idea .to make a new project. amild1993@gmail.com my mail id...
sami20003 months ago

hey why dont use fritzing for wiring

raptorcow3 months ago

Will it work with a 74hc59n chip?

raptorcow3 months ago

Im getting this error

avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x0000

0x62 != 0x0c

avrdude: verification error; content mismatch

AfrizalC3 months ago

hello sir, i want to make a search tool avoider robot voice signals, no one knows its C program code.?
please help

wmada3 months ago
anyone who needs a step by step walkthru look on youtube. komicbookkid228 a video that will walk you thru whole process
wmada4 months ago
msg me at jmaderer1@gmail.com
raptorcow wmada4 months ago

I emailed you. I had emailed you 5 days ago but I missed the j copying the address...

wmada4 months ago
@raptorcow email me and i can help ya out. i got no help from this instructable. took me weeks of playing around. parms videos help alot as do letsmakerobots.com
raptorcow wmada4 months ago

I messaged you.

wmada4 months ago
mission success thanks parm .. robot sometimes.hits wall need to fix
raptorcow4 months ago
Could take a clear picture of where each of the brown wires go. This Instructables pictures are horrible. I need an aerial shot or at least a clear focused shot of the wiring steps.

I need to see where the brown wires come back to the bread board. I can see where they connect but the image cuts off the top of them so i cant see where they come from. Some one please do this

wmada4 months ago
why does only one motor spin? im usibg dc motor
wmada4 months ago
honestly can someone help me out.... i cant get this working. does anyone have a diagram maybe that would help me out. is the code working? i can get servo working and thats it. i built another robot but it doesnt have servo
wmada4 months ago
i am soooo frusterated i rebuilt it and still motors dont turn. i tested n they work... what am i doing wrong. im using 9v battery directly into arduino and a 4 pack of aa energizers hook to pin 8 n ground wtf
raptorcow4 months ago

Can someone make a schematic of the wiring? Also can I just use a http://osepp.com/products/shield-arduino-compatible/motor-servo-shield/

instead of all this wiring on the breadboard

ThinhN14 months ago

code ???

mail: truongthinhnguyen10@gmail.com


ChaitanyaS4 months ago

how much torque is requred to move the body of robot i planning to buy gearmotors for the purpose but no understanding which one to buy i have options to buy

1: 200 rpm with 1kg /cm torque

2:3.5 rpm with 3kg/cm

wmada4 months ago
i am.using 74hc595n is that the issue
wmada4 months ago
k seriously guys fml robot still will not move.... do i need more batteries..or am i missing something... the pic on this instructable shows wires on the breadboard which i have no clue is that my problem
wmada4 months ago
can anyone tell me why my motors wont spin. ive rebuilt and rebuilt the code for the motors r pin 3 n 6 11 n 14. could i not have enough power? plz help this robot is killn me
wmada4 months ago
my motors dont spin at all? im going to try to rebuild once more. if i follow exactly this instructable and use the james code will it work..and do i beed to change the pins for motors to pin 3 n 6 n 11 n 14 the code says differently
eset015 months ago


biliron eset015 months ago


wmada biliron4 months ago
does it work
biliron wmada4 months ago

Yes. But need some small modifications

wmada4 months ago
so i have figured out
wiring the code had to be changed right to.pin 3 n 6 11 n 13 for motors right?. anyways servo n sensor work.kinda . but wheels dont spin. im assuming its due to.weak power i used 9 volt and had usb xonnected to.laptop so am i gettn close?
gunnlaugursig made it!1 year ago

Thank you for this nice instructable. Made it using my tamiya twin motor gearbox and tank chassis. Learned a lot and lots of fun.

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