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I'm a maker.


Mrballeng (author)2011-03-04

This is awesome.

JamesRPatrick (author)Mrballeng2011-03-04

What in particular?

Mrballeng (author)JamesRPatrick2011-03-05

The heart pendant. Makes me want to make one.

JamesRPatrick (author)Mrballeng2011-03-05

Please do. Considering what you've posted already, I think you could make short work out of it.

porcupinemamma (author)2011-02-09

It would be fun to see photos of the steps you went through to create your art.

Which one would you like to see? I usually only document my functional creations.

mr.incredible (author)2009-12-03

 What are they?

These are the things I've made in my spare time, without the use of guides or walkthroughs. (descriptions to follow)
dougalh (author)JamesRPatrick2010-12-03

none of the stuff looks that complicated. maybe something more intricate?

JamesRPatrick (author)dougalh2010-12-03

How about now?

dougalh (author)JamesRPatrick2010-12-07

The royal seal is really really good. You should make a ring out of it.

JamesRPatrick (author)dougalh2010-12-07

Thanks! Maybe I'll do that for my next instructable.

lemonie (author)JamesRPatrick2009-12-04

Could you edit this to say what these are? 3 I think I can work out, but I've no idea about the other two.


JamesRPatrick (author)lemonie2009-12-05
Sure, no problem.

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