You know how whenever you make a dip, everybody else says: "Ohh, I make this great dip, you should try it!" Well, this one will put them all in their place. Named after its inventor, my aunt Jane.

Step 1: Assemble ingredients

For one batch of this dip, you will need the following:
(don't substitute for cheaper ingredients, it really does make a difference with this one - Except for the salsa. I recommend a chunky variety, but aside from that, choose your poison.)

1 pound velveeta
1 can campbells cream of mushroom soup
1 12 or 16oz jar of pace medium thick and chunky salsa
1.5 lbs ground beef (this is actually optional, but makes for a much heartier dip. I recommend 80/20 or better lean ground beef, but anything should do if you drain it properly)


What's this "Once the beef has been drained" thing? Are you supposed to cook it under water or something? And wouldn't that be in a different pan?
when you brown ground beef, the fat and some other lliquids (like the water added by meat packing companies to increase weight) cooks out, when the beef is fully cooked, you take a handi-screen or collander and drain the fat and liquids out, pretty much every recipie book in the world tells you to do this when preparing ground beef. you don't actually have to drain the fat out, but it can make some stuff taste pretty nasty if you don't/
use a turkey baster thingy :p
This sounds like it would be stunningly heavy but also very delicious.
oh yes, eat enough of it and you get the "dip malaise" i guess it's the mexican cooking cum wisconsin version of "the itis"
Around here, we call this "THE dip." There is no other. Try subsituting spicy breakfast sausage (the kind in the tube) for the ground beef and pass out from the greatness.
and yeah, we call it "the dip" as well.
woah... I think that might just be too good... I'm makin it tonight.
Hi ... just curious as to what chips work best with your Jane Dip ... thanks!
woudn't have thought to add cream of mushroom and velveeta. Sounds good I'll have to try it.
Wow...this sounds awesome. I want to try it now! Also, try putting fried-up ground beef over tortilla chips and then cover in shredded cheese. Melt the cheese in the oven and serve. I sometimes add sliced jalepenos too.
maybe it might be good but velveeta cheese is just the snot of satan so...
hey, you don't have to make it. and are you honestly trying to tell me that the snot of satan wouldn't be evilly delicious?
Good point.
this sounds amazing, and its only a little above my cooking level (uses the stove, haha).

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