We eat lots of Japanese style curry and rice at home. It's delicious, filling, quick, and easy to make a big pot full that lasts for several meals. The only problem is that, after a couple of days of curry in a row, we get tired of it but there is still a bunch left over. So when no one wants one more lunch of curry and rice we use the leftovers to make a tasty curry buns that make it easy to finish off the whole pot. We make this dish with leftover curry but it will work beautifully with thick stews, casseroles, or sauces--anything that you made too much of!

Step 1: Scrounging for supplies...

Picture of Scrounging for supplies...
You will need the following to make curry buns (or any substitutions you think of):
- Leftover curry (I suppose you could make curry for the express purpose of making these buns, but leftovers from home or takeout work just fine)
- Dinner roll dough (I have included a recipe here but feel free to use your own recipe, or frozen/tubes of dinner rolls from the grocery store)
- Panko style bread crumbs (You can find these in the Asian section of most grocery stores or if you are adventurous you can make your own.)
- Oil (any kind will do but if you use olive oil for the awesome monounsaturated fats I would recommend the light variety so it has a lighter flavor)
- Baking pan (cookie sheet etc)
- Oven
- A place to cool hot bread
- Rolling pin
- Plastic wrap
Moonlitbeautyxx made it!9 days ago

Before I read the instructions I thought the picture had coconut on top so I ended up adding that and cheese but THANK YOU. Please make me your apprentice lol
These look absolutely scrumptious! I must try them!
7Kelson1 year ago
I'm glad this website is a free for all in terms of people from different countries and cultures sharing ideas of whatever is imagined. Then sharing them on here.
Svdownwards2 years ago
This looks amazing thank you for the recipe.
sauwen3 years ago
Awesome. I was always hesitant in making curry pan because it needs the fryer, but the baked method seems a lot more doable. Do you notice a difference in taste/texture between baking vs. frying other than the grease? ;) Thanks..
SeamusDubh3 years ago
Isn't Kare-pan usually fried?
Nadeshiko (author)  SeamusDubh3 years ago
You're absolutely right but I chose to do it this way to cut down the fat a bit (and because it's easier) but they still came out nice and crispy. If you want to fry them I would recommend coating them all over in the panko.
Roman893 years ago
These look so good!
That looks delicious! You did such an amazing job on your Instructable too! Great directions and photos!
These look so good! Your pictures are awesome too. :)