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Great for the Holidays to entertain the young ones.

Step 1: Japanese Lantern

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Gather your materials, 2 sheets of colored paper, scissors, pencil and tape

Step 2:

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2. Fold one sheet of paper in half to form a long skinny rectangle.

3. Draw lines one inch apart, down the folded side of paper.

4. Leave approx. 1 inch from end, do not cut all the way to the edge

Step 3:

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5. Cut along each line with scissors

6. open up paper.

Step 4:

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6. Roll the paper to connect both ends of paper

Step 5:

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7. Tape both ends where the paper ends overlap

Step 6:

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8. Put lantern form aside

Step 7:

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9. Grab remaining sheet of paper

10. Roll up remaining sheet of paper as you did the first one.

Step 8:

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11. Insert the rolled up paper into the lantern

Step 9:

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12. Tape into place

Step 10:

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Finished Product


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-11-02

A cute quick project! Welcome to instructables! You should think about entering this into our "First Time Authors Challenge"

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