Japanese Cherry Blossom Cake




Introduction: Japanese Cherry Blossom Cake

This is a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, but you could use any cake and white frosting, and you can also make it more than just 1 tier. To make this you will need gel or regular icing in brown and pink, green and pink edible glitter dust, edible beads, and fondant. Bake and frost your cake, then roll out fondant and pinch our 5 petals and pinch the middle in so it can hold beads, dust pink glitter on, then use a little bit of pink gel to put beads into the middle of the flower. To make leaves just mold the fondant into leaf shapes then dust with green glitter. Create stems with brown gel then place flowers and leaves however you want on the cake. Then your done.
(in the picture there are also cupcakes, these have cherry blossoms on them too.)



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