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Introduction: Japanese Clothes; KIMONO

I make the miniature of the kimono which a friend wears at a wedding ceremony.
A teddy bear is displayed at the entrance of the wedding ceremony in this small kimono.

In fact, I am still on the way...

Step 1: I Received a Request.

I got the photograph of the kimono to wear from a friend on that day.

Step 2: I Made Data.

I did my best.

Step 3: Processing of the Felt

With a laser cutting machine, I engraved the line of the pattern thinly.

Step 4: Embroidery

With an engraved line as a guide, I embroider it.

The wedding ceremony is October of this year.
When I have time, I embroider even some every day and want to certainly complete it!
I want you to say, "you do your best"!

Step 5: 20130601

Step 6: Am I in Time? I Will Work Hard. 20130704

Step 7: 20130808. Remainder Two Months.

Step 8: September 15,Last Spurt Now.

Step 9: I Can Do It Soon(^^)

Step 10: I Pray for It Becoming a Wonderful Wedding Ceremony!



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    I know I'm about a year late...any way of special ordering the same kimono for my daughters Duffy (female) bear? If so, how much are they going for? Thank you for your time.

    Last spurt now!
    I add a photograph(^^)