Jar Lights





Introduction: Jar Lights

simple and cheap indoor/ outdoor solar lights

Step 1: The Supply's!

box cutter/ utility knife
hot glue and gun
mason jar or other vessel
cheap solar light
screw driver is optional but makes fitting easier.

Step 2: Getting to Work

one of the first steps...
take apart your solar light. it should break down into about 3 prices. the light and solar panel, the defuser, and the steak.

once you have taken your light apart, now place it on your far lid, center it beat as you can and trace the outline.

Step 3: Getting Dangerous!

once you have outlined your lid and light hole, it is now time to make your cuts. be careful with this step you are dealing with lots of sharp edges!

I used a utility knife to cut a rough outline of the hole. then you puncture a small section and the lid should peal away like a soup lid.

again be careful this is dangerous and sharp!

once you have your hole rough assemble your jar and lid and use your screw driver to roll the edges of the hole.

Step 4: Fitting and Gluing!

once you have rolled your edges slide the solar light into the hole , adjust as needed.

when you are happy with the fit, lay a nice bead of hot glue completely around your light on the bottom side of the lid, and again on the top side of the lid.

once your glue has cooled and your light is secure reattach the light defusser and install lid back onto jar.

Step 5: Complete!!!

By now you are done, find a nice place to put your sweet light up jars and enjoy with a nice cold one!



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    8 Discussions

    Thanks for the idea. I frosted my jar to help diffuse the light.

    4 replies

    hi!~may i ask how you did the frosting?thanks!

    I used a spray form of frosting spray.
    My local Wal-Mart carried "Krylon: glass frosting aerosol spray" in or near the spray paint section.

    With it, you can choose the level of frosting just by adding more coats.

    hi!~may i ask how you did the frosting?thanks!

    hi!~may i ask how you did the frosting?thanks!

    Wonderful idea!!! I am going to make them for near my front steps! Thank you!!

    Walmart in the garden section, my local store had them for about 96 cents per light


    4 years ago

    Where do you get those solar lights?