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Introduction: Jar Plants

Succulents, in a jar, with a light.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

- a jar - plants -dirt and stuff - wire - 2 LEDs ( I used two, you can use any amount) - a switch - a battery ( I used a cr2032) Other stuff - hot glue gun ( or soldering iron) - file - drill

Step 2: The Switch

Cut a hole in the lid to fit your switch with the drill to start the hole off and a file to make it squarer to fit the switch

Step 3: Wires and Stuff

Glue ( or solder) the wires and LEDs in the top of the lid This should be fairly straight forward 1. glue 2 wires from the two ends of the switch 2. Put the battery on one end of the wires 3. Put the LEDs on ( test them as you go, if they don't work, turn them around) 4. Connect the end of the LED to the other end of the wire

Step 4: Plants

Put the plants in the jar and water them

Step 5: Notes

- if you leave the lid on for a long time the jar can get a bit foggy - if you put too much water in at the start you end up with a line of dirty glass that's very hard to clean... - you'll probably only have to water them once because the water that the plants don't use just stays in the jar( the dirt in mine is still wet after a week or two - getting the plants in can be a bit tricky

Step 6: Other Stuff

I've recently been playing Pokemon yellow on an old GBA so I decided to make a diglett for the jar... It's pretty much just a blob of clay with eyes, a nose( I think it's a nose) and a pin up the bottom ( to secure it in the dirt)



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    Wait..if that's a nose and not a mouth I've been wrong for 13 years...

    what rocker switch did you use and what type of LED did you use

    If you want me to make an instructable for diglett, just ask