Introduction: Jar Plants

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Succulents, in a jar, with a light.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

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- a jar - plants -dirt and stuff - wire - 2 LEDs ( I used two, you can use any amount) - a switch - a battery ( I used a cr2032) Other stuff - hot glue gun ( or soldering iron) - file - drill

Step 2: The Switch

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Cut a hole in the lid to fit your switch with the drill to start the hole off and a file to make it squarer to fit the switch

Step 3: Wires and Stuff

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Glue ( or solder) the wires and LEDs in the top of the lid This should be fairly straight forward 1. glue 2 wires from the two ends of the switch 2. Put the battery on one end of the wires 3. Put the LEDs on ( test them as you go, if they don't work, turn them around) 4. Connect the end of the LED to the other end of the wire

Step 4: Plants

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Put the plants in the jar and water them

Step 5: Notes

- if you leave the lid on for a long time the jar can get a bit foggy - if you put too much water in at the start you end up with a line of dirty glass that's very hard to clean... - you'll probably only have to water them once because the water that the plants don't use just stays in the jar( the dirt in mine is still wet after a week or two - getting the plants in can be a bit tricky

Step 6: Other Stuff

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I've recently been playing Pokemon yellow on an old GBA so I decided to make a diglett for the jar... It's pretty much just a blob of clay with eyes, a nose( I think it's a nose) and a pin up the bottom ( to secure it in the dirt)


The Manchanic (author)2014-01-06

Wait..if that's a nose and not a mouth I've been wrong for 13 years...

stoptime1 (author)2013-12-19

what rocker switch did you use and what type of LED did you use

chickenpress75 (author)2013-05-11

If you want me to make an instructable for diglett, just ask

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