Jar of (LED) Lights, the Mobile Lantern




Introduction: Jar of (LED) Lights, the Mobile Lantern

This is a fun one to enjoy with friends or the kids!

Step 1: What You'll Need

-Mason jar of your choice in size
-String of Solar (or battery) Powered garden lights
-A way to cut the lid from a mason jar

Step 2: Cut (Optional)

Mark the size of the solar cells onto the lid and remove. Using double sides sticky foam tape, attach it to the lid.

Test your unit to make sure it works.


Store your whole unit in the jar to make a mobile lightbulb, as seen here

Step 3: Enjoy

Put the lights into the jar, and twist on the lid.

Share your work!

Notes: you can put small toys or eye-candy in the jar. Different innards and colors can give hints of the season or application. Using colored jars changes the effect, too! The mason jar I used is double walled plastic and insulated (from the drinks container aisles) but the lid is off of a standard mason jar. The solar LEDs have a switch for On/Off. When it's On, the lights don't turn on unless it's dark -this saves the battery and let's the battery charge in the sun; these LED strings are vailable in your garden center for $5-15.00:)



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