Picture of Jar top plastic bag sealer
You may have seen bottle tops being used to reseal an opened bag of chips. However, by using the top of a jar instead, you can simply screw the top off to reach in for the contents and screw it bag with no fuss.

What you need:
- A plastic jar
- A hacksaw
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Step 1: Saw off jar top

Picture of Saw off jar top
Hold the jar firmly and saw off the the jar just a few centimetres from the top.

Step 2: Insert the bag through the ring

Picture of Insert the bag through the ring
You now have a plastic ring with a jar cover. Fit the plastic bag through the ring and wrap the bag neatly around it. You can now screw the lid over the plastic ring and seal the bag.

Step 3: Open the lid again, and again, and again...

Picture of Open the lid again, and again, and again...
When you need to retrieve something from the bag, just unscrew the lid and reach in. The mouth of the jar is wide enough for your hand to fit in. I used a bag of onions here, although you can use this for pasta, rice, and just about anything. When you are done, just screw bag the lid.
joen1 year ago
I love your idea! I put it into use right away. A slightly different implementation based on your same great idea.
mole1 joen1 year ago
Not having many large mouthed jars, I really like your plastic tub solution. Thanks!
joen mole11 year ago
Thank ckw. It was ckw's instructable that got me to thinking.
joen joen1 year ago
By the way it is just the cut off top of a yogurt tub with its snap on lid. Thank you for solving a problem of keeping bags sealed. Twist ties never quite worked for me.

If you are around smart people, other people will think you are smart too. That is why I like to be "around" here.
lakazdi1 year ago
Wow. This is really clever!
agis681 year ago
smart u should patened it
DoDo7291 year ago
futuremade1 year ago
Great idea. It's a shame that most of the jars we have in the UK are glass, otherwise I'd be cutting off some tops as soon as I got home!
try the same principle with a soft drink bottle. bit fiddlier putting the top of the bag through the smaller neck of a bottle, but it might work out as well

Depends on the size and thickness of the bag you wish to seal, i guess
That is a shame, but I suppose you could do the same trick with a resealable tupperware type lid. You should be glad for glass jars though, at least they turn back into sand given enough time, unlike plastic, which just sits around looking awful for decades. (From the USA, land of the plastic bag blowing in the breeze, with the plastic soda bottle rolling in the gutter...)
Love it and I voted for you
Me TOO !!
ckw (author)  redfoxtrystman1 year ago
Love it and I voted for you
That's smart thinking.
mdaniel51 year ago
Awesome! That's a great idea, thanks for sharing.
DCA1 year ago
Clever idea! Thanks!
excellent that is such a good idea