Hello I am from Russia. I love the movie Friday 13. I want the mask of Jason. I made a mask out of papier mache and want to show you the process of creating.
I sorry for my bad English, I use a translator

Step 1: Step 1

I made a plasticine form

Step 2: Step 2

I pasted clay masking tape

Step 3: Step 3

over the masking tape I smeared gypsum to make the matrix

Step 4: Step 4

pulled the form of a matrix

Step 5: Step 5

I started making papier mache, using newspaper and a bandage.
I did a thickness of 4 millimeters

Step 6: Step 6

I put another layer 1 album sheet, and did a hole in the mask

Step 7: Step 7

I painted the mask with acrylic paints, I used a sponge for washing dishes

Step 8: Step 8

I closed orbit capron
Mount I made from a bicycle camera and bolts

Step 9: Finish


<p>cool mask n gud idea....:D</p>
I think I replace paper mache with fiberglass
very very cool
very good,amazing I invented a word which could describe this this is best i see looks like better than licensed mask's
the best paper mache mask of jason ive seen so far. great job.
Thanks arleyramos
Perfect. You did an amazing job.

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