Jaula para Conejos
Materiales. Cantidad Materials. quantity

Listones Madera (2,5x8x60) cms. 8 Wood slats

Listones Madera (2,5x8x46,6) cms. 4 Wood slats

Listones Madera (2,5x1,5x60) cms 10 Wood slats

Listones Madera (2,5x2,5x33) cms 6 Wood slats

Listones Madera (2,5x2,5x41,6) cms 6 Wood slats

Tornillos 1 1/2 Pulgadas Screws 1 1/2 Inches

Tornillos 2 Pulgadas Screws 2 Inches

malla Pollito. 1 mts. Chicken mesh. 1 mts.

Alambre. Wire.

Par de bisagras. Pair of hinges.

Step 1: Piso Jaula / Cage Floor

*Primero hacer piso de la jaula, usando 2 Listones Madera 2,5x2,5x41,6 cms, colocar los 10 listones de madera (2,5x1,5x60 cms) separados a 1,5.

* First make cage floor, using 2 cms 2,5x2,5x41,6 Wood Slats, place 10 wooden slats (2,5x1,5x60 cms) spaced 1.5.

Step 2: Paredes Laterales / Side Walls

*Colocar listones de madera (2,5x8x60 cms) laterales separados a 2 cms o a 1.5 cms. Colocar primer uno abajo y luego el de arriba y luego los que siguen se separan.

*Colocar 4 Listones Madera 2,5x8x33 cms. Verticalmente. Y 2 Listones Madera 2,5x2,5x41,6 Horizontalmente.

* Place wood slats (2,5x8x60 cms) side spaced 2 cm or 1.5 cm. Place first one down and then up and then those that follow are separated.

* Use 4 Slats Wood 2,5x8x33 cms. Vertically. Y 2 Slats Wood 2,5x2,5x41,6 horizontally.

Step 3: Pared Posterior / Rear Wall

*Colocar listones de madera ( 2,5x8x46,6 cms) en la parte posterior separados a 2 cms .

* Place wood slats (2,5x8x46,6 cms) on the back separated 2 cms.

Step 4: Finalizando.

*Hacer la puerta de la jaula con 2 Listones Madera 2,5x2,5x41,6 y 2 listones Madera 2,5x8x33 cms.
*Forrar con la malla.

*Colocar bisagras.

* Make the cage door with 2 Slats Wood Wood slats 2,5x2,5x41,6 2,5x8x33 and 2 cms.
* Covered with the mesh.

* Place hinges.

Espero les haya gustado y que les sirva de referencia como a mi. Gracias!!

I hope you liked and serve them as my reference. Thank You !!

This hutch is FAR too small for healthy happy rabbits. Cruel!
<p>Hi, thanks for your comment, for home users traders can small considering them, but if they were in nature their burrows are smaller, have no rabbits to pet, prove to be a small player, and cages the design to avoid str&eacute;s them while they are there and the intention of the post is to show other reprodutores or home users who want to design their cages, I give the floor measures to prevent evil rabbit leg and decrease str&eacute;s. (Which I have worked for me). Goodbye!</p>
<p>Interesting. I've always used 1/2 by 1 inch weld wire mesh for the floor. This seems better as it work work for the &quot;Giant&quot; breeds which usually need a solid floor to help prevent sore hocks.</p>
<p>Hi, thanks for your comment, wooden floor prevents bad leg in rabbits, the rabbits have reproduced are the New Zealand and the Panda, I commented that the New Zealand looked the cage but Panda will bite the floor, so that depending on the breed of rabbit perhaps he can add a thin mesh to protect the floor, Goodbye!</p>
<p>Daw what cute lucky bunnies, and I love the bilingual instructable! Welcome to instructables!</p>
<p>Gracias! ... la traduccion es cortesia de google ;-) mi idioma es espa&ntilde;ol. Pero el conocimiento debe ser universal, espero le ayude a alguien. para conseguir las medidas minimas y funcional, hice 3 jaulas, debido a que la separacion maxima recomendada es 1,5 cm (poco mas de 1/2 pulgada) asi no se lastiman las patas.</p><p>Thank You! ... Translation is courtesy of google;-) My language is Spanish. But knowledge must be universal, I hope to help someone. to get the minimum and functional measures, I made 3 cages, because the recommended maximum separation is 1.5 cm (just over 1/2 inch) so no legs hurt.</p>

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