Picture of Java 3D how-to
Having a 3D object you can rotate, zoom and pan, on a webpage is great...
But Java 3D is not easy to learn how to get it to work!

It's all there, just see the Pdf file!

See also my YouTube VIDEOS!

Edgar Inventor

...But I'll have a go at step-by-step instructions, too:
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Step 1: 3D object

Picture of 3D object
Suppose you just want to show an idea or a machine on a Web page, 3D, virtual, interactive stile?

Java, those clever guys, have a solution for you!
Only, and that's the curse of some real good Freeware, getting that thing to work is, in the words of the immortal James Brown, a mother!
So here's a tutorial, so as to prove you can learn something step-by-step, here.
First, of course, if you're to show a 3D file on a Web page, you need to build a 3D file.

Step 2: Clear

Picture of Clear
You clear the object that comes with it, File/Clear,

Step 3: Open

Picture of Open
and load your marvel, by selecting File/Open/Browse Disk.

Step 4: Far out?

Picture of Far out?
Don't be surprised if something like this appears:

Yes, it's small and pointing up, but, you can fix it by clicking into the JavaView's window, and right clicking will present you with a menu, choose Translate and Scale until you've got the thing centered and large enough.

Step 5: Better!

Picture of Better!
Now that's better! The background you see here, is called by selecting Inspector/Display, in which case the following menu will appear, see it on the next page:

Step 6: Checkbox

Picture of Checkbox
All you have to do is click the checkbox named Show on Back/Front Image, it comes with the program's default image, but you can load one of your own, by clicking the load button and going where you've saved your image.

You see a lot more options, here, but you better leave them alone until you successfully made your first page, then go and play with the various options.

Happy with your model?

Great, now let's start to make something out of it.

Step 7: Folder

Picture of Folder
First, you have to create a folder named, in this case, Car_files, since the html file will be named Car.html,
brianf258 years ago
This isn't an instructable on java 3d... its on how to use that little model viewer application that was programmed in java 3d.
Edgar (author)  brianf254 years ago
This is a tutorial about JavaView 3D.
That runs on Java 3D.

If I named it "A tutorial about JavaView 3D, that runs on Java 3D", people that criticize before reading trough an Instructable, would get tired of reading the Title...
brianf25 Edgar4 years ago
4 years later the discussion resumes...

The Application is called JavaView. If you called it "JavaView how to" rather than "Java 3d how to" people looking for information on JavaView would be able to find it and people researching Java 3D wouldn't read it expecting something different.

I don't think the use of the Java 3D API in the creation of the JavaView application is of any interest to your target audience.

That being said, its a perfectly good instructable. I just take issue with the naming.

I would suggest:
"Modeling a 3D object on your website using JavaView"
Edgar (author)  brianf254 years ago
Edgar (author)  brianf258 years ago
I stand corrected, went and changed the title! But I think people got the message, by reading the Intro. Anyway, maybe you can add one Instructable on Java 3D, the program.
Java 3D isnt a program, its an API for the language java.
Is there something here I should know? Like, what sort of files I can import?
Edgar (author)  nutsandbolts_644 years ago
.Obj files, amongst others.
It's all here: