Jaws Earrings




Introduction: Jaws Earrings

Step 1: Materials

- Fimo clay (or a similar substance) blue/ grey , white, red, pink, black
- blank earring studs
- something sharp for detail. E.g. Needle or pencil.
- oven.

Step 2: Mould Blue/grey Fimo

Firstly mould your main shark colour into a thick sausage shape.
Add a thin section of white to a 3rd of the sausage and mould together.
This will attach the white to the blue instead of it looking like you've added it on.

Next mould the piece into a fish/ shark shape. Ensuring that the white section runs along his belly.

Remember the tail, fins and that sharks have a largish nose.

Step 3: Mouth

These earrings are supposed to look like the shark is biting the ear so u need to cut into his nose to give him a mouth.
The bottom jaw does not need to be as big as the top as it only needs to go under your ear.

Carefully bend the bottom jaw out at a 90 degree angle.

Step 4: Studs

Take your studs and push them into the roof of his mouth (not too hard we will add something to hide and extra attach).

Using pink or red Fimo cut a triangle shape out to fit into his top jaw. Push this over the stud and join to the roof of his mouth. (Just keep pushing).

Step 5: Detail

Add small balls of black Fimo for his eyes. Small triangles of white Fimo for his teeth. Red blood drips down the side of his mouth (optional). Add his gills to his cheeks.

As you can see my earrings look abit too much like killer dolphins. But I think if u leaves his fins sticking out and flatten his nose more you should have a shark haha.

Happy making.



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