I was chatting with my friend while knitting something or other on one of my round looms. We were talking about what the looms could be used for, and of course we came to hats. My friend said that she wanted a Jayne hat. One google search later, and I was looking at Adam Baldwin wearing one of the goofiest looking hats I had ever seen. "I could make that."

For all the Firefly fans out there, this is my copy of the hat that Jayne Cobb's mom made for him. Wear it in good health and tell the world, "I am afraid of nothing. Also, I like Firefly."

As an added bonus, there is a mini copycat instructable within this one. I modified stoneleafmoon's pom pom technique slightly to make it a bit quicker to make.

To make this hat, you will need:
red, orange, and yellow yarn (I used acrylic worsted)
a 36-peg round knitting loom (the green Knifty Knitter loom is perfect)
a yarn needle

Optionally, you may want:
a loom hook (there are tools made for knitting, but I use a Kobalt pick from Lowes)
row counters (I use a tiny abacus that I made using this instructable)

Step 1: Ear Flaps: the First Row

Use red yarn for the ear flaps.

Unless you are using a really heavy yarn, use two strands as if they are one. This will give a nicer looking end product.

Anchor the end of the yarn near the first peg either by wrapping it around an anchor peg like I did in the first two pictures, or just hold it under the rim or the loom with your thumb.

Wrap the yarn around twelve consecutive pegs, moving it clockwise. The yarn will cross over itself on the inside of the loom.

Push the loops down to the lower half of the pegs.
<p>If I am making the hat on a red loom, will that change the directions? I mean, like, the number of rows and such.</p>
Well he robbed from the rich &amp; he gave to the poor...
Awesome job!!! <br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FKFLJmOQ50
Very cute! Thanks for sharing! <br>Sunshiine
As soon as I get to a proper computer, I'm going to wave this at Kitewife! <br> <br>Nice job.

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