Jaz'd Up Guitar Wall Art





Introduction: Jaz'd Up Guitar Wall Art

In this video I take a discarded and broken electric guitar and remake it into a peice of art for my daughters room.



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    Really nice outcome and pretty Design. Would love to have such a Guitar hanging on my walls. BUT I have to say the electronics wouldn't cost even 40 $ if you use normal parts for the electronics. If you spend about 100 bucks you could make a decent sounding guitar just in case the neck is straight. Just wanted to tell you that it is not that expensive. On YouTube there are many tutorials for wiring and also if you want to change hardware. Anyway really great job i like the look very much.

    Thanks it's nice to have effort appreciated. I totally agree that it doesn't cost much to repair, it was more about todays society being a throw away society and that once something doesn't work it's not necessarily rubbish. This guitar was taken from a rubbish collection and made beautiful I hope. Also not a bad way to preserve memories if anyone does have an instrument that they can't repair but don't want to throw away. Thanks for watching.