Jazy Saflower!




Introduction: Jazy Saflower!

Every individual likes to express style by adding an extra something to their accessories. Fabric flowers, beads, "bling bling" adds to the charm to your accessories...

Step 1: What You Need in Your Warehouse!

Step 2: Setting Up Your Workspace...

Place the handbag at the centre of your working table.

Step 3: Folding on and On...

Fold the material (length-wise) till the width is approximately 6 inch. Place the lace running over the length of the folded material (as shown)

Step 4: Petalizing...

Fold the material along with the lace to form a pattern of petals. Use pins to hold the material. Twist the material to form more petals (as shown) along the centre.

Step 5: Sunflowerising...

After creating the pattern of petals. Place the bangle on the centre of the flower pattern and stick the buttons inside the bangle using white glue.

Step 6: Accessorizing...

Stitch each bead to the corner of the petals as shown. Make sure the thread Is hidden behind the material and it holds tight.

Step 7: Dangling the Stem...

Place the dangling bead accessory as shown (resembling the stem and leaves). Stitch its branches on to the handbag to hold it firm. Make sure the thread is dark and gets camouflaged with the bag. VOLAA!!! There you have :) :) your Jazy Saflower!!!



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