Jean Paul of the Dead (The Making of a Zombie Cat Mask)





Introduction: Jean Paul of the Dead (The Making of a Zombie Cat Mask)

I am slowly working on a step by step of this project, but I want to be as detailed as possible and that could take some time. 

For now though, enjoy these photos of the process.

This mask is based on my cat, Jean Paul, who is very much alive. I wanted to add a bit of a twist to him for Halloween. 




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    I made something like this in two days with a balloon. Cardboard. Tape. Duck tape papermache felt and gluegun. I was in a time crunch and didnt feel like sewing. But thank you for the inspiration. Now all i have to do is redo the material to match my paws. Some people thought i used a motorcycle helmet for my mascot head.

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    This is wonderful!

    Great job.

    Glad my work could inspire it!

    When you are sewing the fleece material on, is the needle going through the foam or are you just looping it through the fabric

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    No just the fabric! You can search videos on youtube. Look for either 'ladder stitch' or 'jim henson stitch'.

    This is incredible. When I posted these I hoped to only give people technical ideas and didn't actually think anyone would try to emulate them.

    You have no idea how happy you've made me.

    Can I post these photos to my various sites? And if so, would you like me to credit your real name?

    Hooray! :D

    Nice photos, obviously took a lot of time and effort. Good job!

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    Thank you. And thanks for the advice on making the photo slideshow too. They do take a bit of time for me to make but are worth it in the end.

    This is amazing I can't wait for the detailed step by step!!

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    I am going to take stabs at it now and then. Thanks for the encouragement!