Picture of Jeans Apron
Use an old pair of jeans, and your favorite garage-sale material to make a fun, easy apron.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1 pair of jeans
1 yard of material (be really green and use an old shirt with a great pattern!)
Needle & thread
Razor Blade, or good seam ripper

(Just a disclaimer....I didn't invent this.  Take some time to surf the web and see all the wonderful versions out there. You can really get some good ideas.)

Step 2: Deconstruction

Picture of Deconstruction
Jeans Apron 009.jpg
Jeans Apron 010.jpg
1. Cut the jeans across the legs.

2. Using a razor blade, or a good seam ripper, detach the pockets and label. Detach the belt loops on the bottom only.

3. Cut the front away from the back, leaving the waistband in tact.
     Cut up the sides of the jeans to the waistband, leaving the seam attached to the front side.
     Cut right up against the bottom of the waistband, carefully through the zipper and to the other
     Continue to cut along the other side. Cut the front away from the back between the legs.

Cut the zipper away from the front section. You will not need it as a functional zipper. Take the zipper pull off, and cut along the zipper right up against it. All jean material should be off, along with the zipper itself. It should look like a line of metal when you are done. (See more in step 4)

Step 3: Straighten the front of the apron

Picture of Straighten the front of the apron
Jeans Apron 013.jpg
Jeans Apron 018.jpg
Jeans Apron 019.jpg
Most aprons on the web have you cut along the middle seam, and then curve it over to the side. I like my seam to be straight down.

Pinch the middle seam up until the jeans are flat and even.

Cut material away from the middle seam, then lay it flat on the front side of the apron.

Using the same colored thread, zig-zag stitch it to the front side. Cut away any excess.
sunshiine3 years ago
This one really catches my eye! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the sew warm contest! Thanks for sharing!
patmac4 years ago
Very cute and simple. Thanks for the clear instructions.
I really love this, nice work ;)

I do have a question though, why do the pockets come off if they go right back on again? Am I missing something?
Very Interesting (author)  ArtisticBabe4 years ago
If you look at steps 4 & 6 you can see that I added fringe to the pocket. The only way to do it without sewing the pocket shut was to take the pockets off.
The same goes for the pumpkin design. Sewing it dorectly onto the pocket would have made the pocket unusable. Hope this helps.
I see, thanks so much. Big help ;)