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Some time ago I posted an instructable for making a wallet using the leftover cuffs from hemming jeans. Sadly, there's been no improvement in the height department so I'm still stuck hemming most pants purchases. I still have plenty of these hemming leftovers hanging around. For this project, I made a pair of pencil cases using the leftover cuffs from hemming a pair of jeans.

This is a simple sewing project that turns a little tube of fabric left over from hemming jeans into a charming, zippered pencil case and can be completed in an afternoon. The most challenging part of the project might be sewing the zipper. If you haven't sewn a zipper into anything before, just take your time as you follow the steps.

Good luck!

Step 1: Materials and Supplies

Picture of Materials and Supplies

You will need:

  • The end left over from hemming a pair of pants or jeans. The longer the piece is, the deeper the finished pouch will be. The one pictured here is about four inches long. The wider the cuff (say boot-cut vs. skinny), the longer the pouch. If you don't have such a thing lying about, a strip of fabric can be sewn into a tube and used instead.
  • A zipper, about 7 to 9 inches. Much longer and it will have to be trimmed. This one here is a 9in metal zipper that I happened to have on hand.

You will also need (not pictured):

  • Sewing thread. Basic cotton-wrapped poly-core sewing thread is fine.
  • Jeans-weight needle if you are sewing something thick like denim. A number 10 or 12 regular sewing needle will probably work on khaki or basic cotton.
  • Fabric scissors
  • Thread snips
  • Straight pins
  • Marking chalk or pencil
  • Zipper foot for sewing machine (not strictly necessary, but it really makes things easier)
  • Ruler
tacamaral made it!1 year ago

Thanks for the instructable! I think it looks awesome - thanks to your explanations, because I'm still learning how to use the sewing machine. : )


YAY! What a great idea - I also have to hem all my pants and this is a really fancy use of the leftovers. :D

littleberry (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago

Thanks! It's a challenge to find something useful to do with the pieces--yet such a shame to throw them away :)

mole11 year ago

You've just solved my problem of what to do with the kid next... and use up metal zippers at the same time. Thanks for posting this!

littleberry (author)  mole11 year ago

You're welcome! I hope you and the kid enjoy making this. Good luck!

That looks awesome! Very polished and I love that pink zipper!