Too short for off-the-rack jeans? Hem the jeans and make a matching wallet with the excess left over.

All too often I'm stuck buying pants that are too long for my legs. Usually it's not a big deal. I simply re-hem them to the right length. Then I have all these rings of denim or khaki left over. Can't throw them away--they might come in handy, right? So then the wallet contest came along and that gave me the idea to make a wallet out of the left over pieces.

My goal was to only use the material removed from the jeans without adding any auxiliary material. I wanted to them to have a little deconstructed look so I left the edges unfinished. Edge stitching reinforces the jeans aesthetic and helps prevent the material from completely unraveling. This is the pattern I came up with based on the amount of fabric available. Your mileage may vary. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Things you will need:
Fabric scissors and/or a rotary cutter
"Snippy" or embroidery scissors
Jeans/Denim weight sewing machine needles
Awl (optional)
Sewing machine
Cuffs leftover from hemming jeans.*

You need a minimum of about 3 1/4 inches width on the cuffs to fit US currency. Maybe more (or less) for other currencies. You'll want to measure heights and widths of what you plan to store in your wallet to make sure everything fits. All my measurements are in inches and the wallet is scaled for US currency, but it should be fairly simple to adjust as necessary to accommodate other currencies.

*or pants of choice. Khakis might work. The important thing is that the fabric be sturdy enough to withstand use and abuse. Alternatively, if no pants are sacrificed you can use about an eighth of a yard of denim or similarly weighted fabric.
 how thick is it?
<em>thank you for your great toturial!now i can making a new wallet for my husband as a present birthday gift&nbsp; just only using my old jean without wasting any money...</em><br />
this actually works out..i learnt it within 1hr...!!! <br /> i gifted this jeans wallet with some more decoration like embroidering my n his name on the wallet.. to my bf on his b'day..trust&nbsp; me guys..!!<br /> hez going ga-ga ovr my creativitiy..:P tnxx 4 it..:)<br />
lol this is ONE BAMF'ed out wallet , made some changes to the design and this thing is BOSS!!!!
I've been looking at all the different denim wallets on Instructables and this one, by far, is the best. Great craftsmanship!
What a awesome wallet! This is the best ever. I wallet was stolen and I can't find any goodloking wallet. I really like this jeans wallet. Nice job!
Is this still alive? >.O
Why do I see an I.D. with virgin in it?
lol.. Virginia
Oh! Sorry for the misunderstanding! I thought it was a certified virgin card.. xD
My friend used all diffrent pieces for a wallet, it was really cool.
wow is cool the only problem is that im super tall so i have to wait for my jeans to wear out to harvest the cuffs :P good idea btw
Thanks! You could substitute other fabric for this or pull the denim from other sources. You want to be sure whatever you pick won't ravel too much or the wallet won't last long. This version is based in part on one I made earlier out of clear, pink vinyl. It lasted a long time until the vinyl started to crack. Then I moved to this one.
Thanks everyone for your comments! I'm glad you all find this useful. Good luck to those who are trying this and good job to those who have. Please let me know if you have any questions!
This will match my new jeans.
This is so amazing im going to make one of these when i get all the stuff ready since its thanksgiving tomorrow i have a lot of time. Since im sorta younge i guess i might have trouble making one of these but ill try (even if i have to ask my mom to help me)
nice wllet, im obsessed with thin wallets, fat ones are gross
My wife has a pile of jeans, well a small one anyway, she is saving up for a jean quilt.I will have her make one for me out of the left overs. Good Job!
Dude, show some style, make it yourself.
Sweet! Ive been obsessing on new ideas on how to make wallets.....paper just don't hold up verry good.

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