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Introduction: Jeans Cushion

Being short is not always bad. Looking on the positive side I can always get trousers cutouts after length alteration. After having so many cutouts at home I thought of making something out of it. In this section, I am presenting one of the things I have made from different colored jeans cutouts.

Materials Required:

  • Jeans or any other fabric
  • Rugs or leftover clothes or cotton for cushion filling

Tools and machines:

  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Needle

Going wise the image attached here are the steps to make a cushion:

Step 1:

Unstitch the jeans cutout to make a flat fabric and iron it so that it can be stitched easily

Step 2:

Stitch two pieces by one to make a single long strip with sewing machine. Make even no. of such strips (one for back and other for front).

Step 3:

Stitch such strips in parallel to make front and back of the cushion. The final cloth pieces should look like two equal rectangle fabric pieces.

Step 4:

Place one piece on other pieces both in outward in direction and stitch the cushion with the sewing machine.

Step 5:

Stuff it with filling (old rugs or cotton if no waste rugs available) and close the cushion endings by stitching with a needle.

Here's a pic of how the completed cushion will look.. Hope you like it..



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    Great work srishty? Never thought that something can be made out from jeans cuttings

    Thanks Anisha... I have made many such things with jeans cutouts ... :)

    Really creative and one of the best DIY i have seen. Keep it up..

    Thank you Varnit... will be posting more content soon :)

    Well done !!
    It's really nice and creative !

    Thanks Bhanupriya... I'm glad you liked it :)

    Resuability...Gr8888 concept and implementation...

    Thank you for appreciating this effort :)

    Thanks, Utkarsh... It means a lot coming from such a talented person like you... :)