Jeans Stash





Introduction: Jeans Stash

Make a secret stash from your jeans to hide things in.

Step 1: Get Materials

A pair of pants, a knife, scissors, or razor blade, and something to stash.

Step 2: Make the Cut

Cut a 1-2" hole in the waist that only goes through the first layer. If you go through the second layer it might make it noticeable. You may also want to hot glue the edges to prevent fraying (like mine!).

Step 3: Time to Stash

Now you are ready to stash stuff!



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    11 Discussions

    Seeing this as a 20 year old, 7 years later makes me laugh my ass off

    You copied "The Mollusk" with his jeans stash and yours is the exact same thing as his and yours was published on a later date than his you you copied his!

    haha you can just hide anything you want, just put some beef jerky in your pocket :D

    Great idea. Just make sure the material is doubled up on your particular pair of jeans ;)

    1 reply