Jeans to Knee Length Denim Skirt





Introduction: Jeans to Knee Length Denim Skirt

This knee lengh denim skirt is both flirty & comfortable. Wear with boots for a sexy look or with flip flops for casual days.



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    Waoww you are perfect, anyone cant think what you did, even me:)

    I will suggest your style to my friends:)

    I love your Ibles! I have just got my daughter knitting--I bet this will get her sewing in no time. Thank you for sharing.

    Wow I've seen a few giannyl ibles here and there but never just browsed the whole collection. Truly the long-lost daughter of MacGyver has been found! Too cool, giannyl! I like your resourcefulness when it comes to reusing things. Now you need some kind of challenge series. OK you and a bookworm are locked in a round room with a paper clip, a highly weathered fanny pack, and an 8x10 blue tarp. How do you make her attractive for tonight's date?

    a mulher é tão charmosa que qualquer roupa fica bem, né?

    Your tutorials are amazing! I love the way you do them all - great job!