Jeans Wallet





Introduction: Jeans Wallet

Take an old pair of jeans and transform it into a neat ID or credit card holder!

Materials Needed:

ID or Credit card

Step 1: Template

Find your jeans and lay an ID or credit card on top of the section of material you want to use.

Trace the perimeter about a quarter inch away from the card, trace the top and both sides.

Next move your card down and trace again, completing the border.

NOTE: You must trace double the width of the card since you will be folding your material in half to sew it.

After you have created the template, proceed to cut it out with scissors. WATCH YOUR FINGERS.

Step 2: Sewing

If you dont know how to sew, visit this site before proceeding.

Fold your material in half putting the good part on the inside of the fold, you will be inverting it at the end of this step.

Put ID on folded material and trace a line around the id again close to the edge of the material. This is going to be your guide, sew along this line.

After sewing along the sides (LEAVE ONE END OPEN), you are going to turn this inside out.

Step 3: Stuffing Your New Pocket

Thats it! You've just made a small pocket to keep your things in.

Step 4: Improvements

For those who are sew savvy, you can add a flap and a button to secure your cards.



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    hey those pants are good the pants i'm wearing now have(starts counting)...6 holes and the bottoms are worn out from them hitting the ground. XD

    1 reply

    All of mine are like that except my new ones, I'm working on it though! XD


    How is this a wallet? You call it a "holder" and a "pocket" but not a wallet. Nice instructable though.

    4 replies

    If you guys READ the contest rules... "Any wallet, purse, or wallet-like thing, like this one for example, is fair game. "

    Yeah but in the title you call it a "wallet" so it's not a thing with the contest, we just don't like finding out it's not what we thought. Nice Instruc though.

    you should write a formal complaint to big name companies that sell these pouches as "wallets"


    Excuuuuuuuuuuse Me!

    cool idea, but it could be developed further. keep it growing.... nice work !

    cool. not really a wallet, its more of a pocket, but still pretty sweet. good luck in the contest.

    anyways, check out my wallet instructable: here


    2 replies

    wow. I got on before dinner and found the contest. nothing was in it so far. then i thought of a jeans wallet. that is so weird

    lol its a very creative idea. lol i like it alot.

    Very cool idea! Nice work!