Picture of Jedi's Earbud holder
Hello. This creation was inspired by the immortal saga of the Jedi.
With it, simply use the "force" that exists within you to have the earbud in your hands.


Step 1: Operation

Picture of Operation
The operation is very simple:
When approaching the ultrasonic sensor, it will take measurements and see if there's something close. Confirmed the presence of a nearby object, the Arduino sends a command to the servo move the rod and lift the earbud. Wait five seconds and then drops the rod.
Just train a bit to get the hang.
After all, any Jedi has gone through a training. Why would it be different with you?

gustavossf4 years ago
Are you Brazillian?
Eu tambem tenho a latinha do rock in rio!
Ótimo projeto! Parabéns!
PeckLauros (author)  gustavossf4 years ago
rc jedi4 years ago
and i the jedi approve!
PeckLauros (author)  rc jedi4 years ago
Hehehe... Thanks!
Cool, but it would be even more awesome if you could put all of that in a box, so that when you put your hand over the box, the crane comes out of the box.

Cool concept thouh, just try to make a cool casing!
PeckLauros (author)  building king4 years ago
Thanks for the tip. I'll try to do here.
artworker4 years ago
Nice concept man! I can see many other implementations.
PeckLauros (author)  artworker4 years ago
Thanks! Then show some.