Hello. This creation was inspired by the immortal saga of the Jedi.
With it, simply use the "force" that exists within you to have the earbud in your hands.


Step 1: Operation

The operation is very simple:
When approaching the ultrasonic sensor, it will take measurements and see if there's something close. Confirmed the presence of a nearby object, the Arduino sends a command to the servo move the rod and lift the earbud. Wait five seconds and then drops the rod.
Just train a bit to get the hang.
After all, any Jedi has gone through a training. Why would it be different with you?

Are you Brazillian?<br>Eu tambem tenho a latinha do rock in rio!<br>&Oacute;timo projeto! Parab&eacute;ns!
and i the jedi approve!
Hehehe... Thanks!
Cool, but it would be even more awesome if you could put all of that in a box, so that when you put your hand over the box, the crane comes out of the box. <br> <br>Cool concept thouh, just try to make a cool casing!
Thanks for the tip. I'll try to do here.
Nice concept man! I can see many other implementations.
Thanks! Then show some.

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