Here are the materials I used to make a simple hoist for the hardtop on my jeep.

all from Lowes

4  20' bags of rope -  be sure to get strong enough rope to hold the weight of your hardtop but not too thick.

5 pulleys

5 wood screw hooks (sorry 2 are not in this picture.  I am working on getting a new picture)

4 tie down straps ( sorry these are not in this picture. You can see them on another picture holding up the hardtop.

1 hand crank boat hoist (this makes it all worth it.  I got it at Lowes for $40  Also not in this picture) 

Step 1:

Back into the garage with your jeep and measured the width of your hardtop.  Make sure if you were to raise the hardtop to the ceiling it would not hit your opened garage door.

Screw in the wood screw hooks into the ceiling of the garage about an inch wider than the width of the hardtop.  Make sure you hit a stud and penetrate deep into the wood.  Drywall will not hold up your hardtop!!!

Place a pulley on each hook.
<p>Hysterical comment that it can kill, or worse, scratch your jeep if pulleys are not secure. too funny.</p>
<p>Mine is pretty much the same!</p>
Nice design! I might end up using some paracord and a small electric ATV winch I have laying around the house...
Great Idea! My wife has built some muscle with only the two of us lifting our hardtop off and putting it on a homemade trolley. This is nice and inexpensive. Thanks! <br> <br> .O|||||||O. <br> <br>

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