Introduction: Jeep Liberty Roof Rails on the Cheap

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When I bought my 2007 Jeep Liberty it did not have cross members for my roof rails. I needed these because I haul a lot of wood for other projects, but wasn't wanting to pay $50 for the rails. You should be able to do this for $30 or less, I did it for less than $5.

Step 1: Measure

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Luckily the Jeep has holes already in the roof rails which makes it easy to just add the rails I'm making attach without altering the Jeep one bit. I measured from hole to hole to know where to drill holes in the cross-members. The front is narrower than the back.

Step 2: Cut Down Cross-Members

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I had these 1" square aluminum tubes from a scrapyard that where given to me for free. I did find some online for $10 for 48" length if I needed to. They are 60" each so I cut them down to 48" so I didn't have too much over hang on the sides but enough so if I wanted to attach a tie-down strap to it.

Step 3: Measure and Drill Holes

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I measured the holes on the roof rails the front set are 39 3/4" and the rear are 41 3/4" apart. I marked this out or the rails and drilled these out with a 1/4" bit.

Step 4: Tubing Caps

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I found some rail caps at the hardware store to keep bugs and debris out.

Step 5: Install Caps

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I used a rubber mallet to tap in the caps so I didn't damage them. Make sure you do this after drilling out the holes as to not block in the shavings from drilling in side the rails.

Step 6: J-Hooks

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I found j-hooks which made it easy to just hook them into the holes on the roof rail. I cut them down so there was just an 1 1/2" of the thread left. Make sure to cover the bare metal if you have to cut down your bolts, i just shot them with a bit of spray paint once I was done.

Step 7: Bolt It Together

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Attached the tubing to the roof rails with the j-hooks, an over-sized washer and nut to finish it up.

Step 8: All Done

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There you have it, a pretty simple project.


Toxictom (author)2013-10-31

Good job on a great idea. A picture of the finished rack would be beneficial for the instructable.

ejh1221 (author)Toxictom2013-10-31

Was actually working on that tonight. Thanks!

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